Service Project


September 07, 2024

10:00 AM - 04:00 PM EDT

New York City Platoon

Event overview

What is up NYC!!!!!

Each year, the anniversary of 9/11 provides an opportunity to collaborate with local partners to meet neighborhood-wide needs. Last year, TMC NYC launched efforts to improve literacy rates in the five boroughs. This year, we will be partnering with Roberto Clemente Community Garden, continuing our work with their educational garden spaces and doing a major facelift before the winter season arrives. We hope that our work here will allow more community members to do more events and help combat the food insecurity problems that we currently face within the city. Join us by starting the new school year with wholesome, clean fun with building and gardening! And if you don't know, coffee, snacks and food will be provided. So don't worry, we got you!

How to get there:

By Bus: Take the Bx18B to Shakespeare Ave and West 169 St or take the Bx35 to Edward L Grant Hwy and West 169 Street.

By Train: Take the 4 or D train to 167th Street

By Car: The address is 1276 Shakespeare Ave, Bronx, NY 10452

Here are the possible tasks for that day:

1. Stop/block soil lost on the 169th side of the garden. (use the bricks/stones from the garden to build a wall to prevent soil loss)
2. Repair the roof of the shed, seal and paint the shed green (or a shade of green).
3. Reinforce doors/rusted holes on the metal shed and paint the shed green.
4. Repair garden beds (15 8x4, 5 10x10, 1 20x10, 1 30x10, 1 12x18, 1 30x10, 1 12x18, and 1 15x10 garden beds)
5. Repair/replace 3 tall picnic tables.
6. Schlack gazebo/garden beds.
7. Build permanent brick grill ( 4 feet tall or at least waist height and 5-6 feet long).
8. Work on pathway from top of garden to bottom of garden (the top of the drop off area. Realistically build a pathway from the front to the back of the garden).
9. Repair compost bins (worst case, we may need to build them from scratch).
10. Pick up trash around the garden (might not have to).


Service Project

What To Wear

TMC blues, Clothes that can get dirty, Painting clothes, Cold weather, Closed-Toe Shoes


Uneven terrain;Jobs available for persons with limited mobility

Who's Invited

Kids (under 13)
Adults (21+)
Seniors (55+)
Adults (18+)

Event Contact

When and where


September 07, 2024


10:00 AM - 04:00 PM (EDT)


Roberto Clemente Community Garden

1276 Shakespeare Ave
Bronx, NY

Parking Information

Street Parking near Venue

Parking address is the same as the site. Street parking is limited, but avaliable

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