Team and Board

Alumni Engagement

T’Liza Kiel

Director, Alumni Engagement Houston, TX


Orlisha Fox

Director, Individual Giving Baltimore, MD

Kat Cheshire

Corporate Partnerships Manager Denver, CO

Alexander Klein

Manager, Donor Insights & Individual Giving St. Louis, MO

Kate Whiting

Manager, Grants and Stewardship St. Louis, MO

Meredith Darche

Senior Director, Development New York City, NY

Executive Team

Susan Thaxton

Chief Programs Officer Washington D.C.

Jenn Kovacs

Chief Development Officer Chicago, IL

La Costa Moore

Chief People Officer Cincinnati, OH

Mary Beth Bruggeman

President Washington D.C.

Laura L’Esperance

Senior Vice President, External Affairs Detroit, MI

External Affairs

David Alvarado

Public Relations and Communication Specialist Los Angeles, CA

Nikki Birkhead

Director, Marketing & Engagement Washington D.C.

Keith Thomas

Senior Director, Communications Chicago, IL

Gloria King

Director, National Events Los Angeles, CA

Erin Cox

National Events Manager Los Angeles, CA

Finance & Technology

Shannon Silver

Assistant Salesforce Administrator Detroit, MI

Sean Ruehling

System Administrator Fort Lauderdale, FL

Aiden Ahadi

Accounting Specialist St. Louis, MO

Georgia Rostirolla

Senior Manager, Accounting El Paso, TX

Claude Edkins

Technology Strategy & Operations Consultant New York City, NY

Julian Serrano

Director – Technology Las Vegas, NV

Amanda Brown

Accounting Specialist St. Louis, MO


Heather Pekios

Manager, Research & Evaluation St. Louis, MO

Leadership Development Programs

Taylor Sprague

Manager, Learning & Development St. Louis, MO

Miguel Vazquez

Advisor, Service Leadership Corps Los Angeles, CA

Joe Depczynski

Manager, Learning & Development St. Louis, MO

Lauren Gilmartin

Manager, Women Veterans Leadership Program New York City, NY

Ashlyn Brayfield

Manager, Learning & Development St. Louis, MO

Janet Newsome

Advisor, Women Veterans Leadership Program Washington D.C.

Heather McCarty

Director, Leadership Development Programs St. Louis, MO

Kathy Mackie

Advisor, Service Leadership Corps Houston, TX

Renee Foster

Women Veterans Leadership Program, Advisor Hampton Roads, VA

Dennis Vasquez

Service Leadership Corps, Manager New York City, NY

Platoon Experience

Linh Thai

Manager, Regional Operations Seattle, WA

Jess Underwood

Director, Platoon Leader Experience St. Louis, MO

Damion Martin

Director, Service Projects Houston, TX

Marvin Cadet

Project Manager, Learning & Development New York City, NY

Kelly Auguste

Manager, Regional Operations Miami, FL

Elizabeth Barlow

Manager, Regional Operations Houston, TX

Patrick Ketchum

Manager, Regional Operations Los Angeles, CA

Megan Kruse

Manager, Regional Operations Pittsburgh, PA

Cicely Black

Regional Operations Manager New York City, NY

Matthew Geesaman

Project Manager of Operations Houston, TX

Doug Pfeffer

Senior Director, Platoon Experience Seattle, WA

Henry Scott

Regional Project Manager Baltimore, MD

Talent & Culture

Caitlin Zbikowski

Manager, Talent Acquisition & Onboarding St. Louis, MO

Nathaniel Fleckenstein

Director, Talent & Culture Atlanta, GA