Team and Board

Alumni Engagement

T’Liza Kiel

Director, Alumni Engagement Houston, TX


Tami Brown

Director, Corporate and Foundation Partnerships Hampton Roads, VA

Meredith Darche

Vice President, Development & Board Liaison New York City, NY

Melissa Gruber

Manager, Corporate and Foundation Partnerships Denver, CO

Susanna Novoa

Director, Individual Giving Hatboro, PA

Eliott Reese

Coordinator, Development Operations Chicago, IL

Becca Reeves

Grant Writer Boston, MA

Miguel Vazquez

Manager, Corporate and Foundation Partnerships Los Angeles, CA

Kate Whiting

Senior Manager, Operations and Stewardship St. Louis, MO

Executive Team

Mary Beth Bruggeman

President Washington D.C.

James Gillen

Chief Development & Marketing Officer Tampa, FL

La Costa Moore

Chief People Officer Cincinnati, OH

Autumn Smoot

Chief Financial Officer New York City, NY

Susan Thaxton

Chief Strategy Officer Washington D.C.

External Affairs

David Alvarado

Manager, Public Relations & Communications Los Angeles, CA

Nikki Birkhead

Director, Marketing & Engagement Washington D.C.

Terry Collia

Senior Director, Digital Marketing Detroit, MI

Gloria King

Director, National Events Los Angeles, CA

Hanna Schultz

Manager, Digital Content Nashville, TN

Keith Thomas

Senior Director, Communications Chicago, IL

Finance & Technology

Yulisa Briggs

Manager, Finance and Accounting Fayetteville, NC

Amanda Brown

Specialist, Accounting St. Louis, MO

Marvin Cadet

Manager, Veteran Technology Experience New York City, NY

Claude Edkins

Consultant, Technology Strategy & Operations New York City, NY

Shitonda Johnson

System Administrator Houston, TX

Jeremy Rivera

System Administrator, Technology Las Vegas, NV

Georgia Rostirolla

Director, Finance & Accounting El Paso, TX

Julian Serrano

Senior Director, Technology Las Vegas, NV

Rebecca Shobe

Director, Accounting & Compliance Lexington, KY

Shannon Silver

System Administrator, Technology Detroit, MI

Kristina Sitton

System Administrator San Diego, CA

Kaitlyn Tyra

Manager, Accounting & Compliance St. Louis, MO


Ryan Humphres

Analyst, Research & Evaluation St. Louis, MO

Heather Pekios

Senior Manager, Research & Evaluation St. Louis, MO

Leadership Development Programs

Kelly Auguste

Senior Manager, Service Leadership Corps Miami, FL

Ashlyn Brayfield

Senior Manager, Staff Development & Learning St. Louis, MO

Mathew Brown

Advisor, Service Leadership Corps Houston, TX

Renee Foster

Advisor, Women Veterans Leadership Program Hampton Roads, VA

Lauren Gilmartin

Director, Leadership Programs & Innovation New York City, NY

Jeaniel Image

Specialist, Learning and Engagement Virtual

Kathy Mackie

Advisor, Service Leadership Corps Houston, TX

Heather McCarty

Vice President, Programs St. Louis, MO

Toshiba Mitchell

Senior Manager, Learning & Development Homestead, Florida

Janet Newsome

Senior Manager, Women Veterans Leadership Program Washington D.C.

Taylor Sprague

Senior Manager, Learning & Development St. Louis, MO

Denita White

Senior Manager, Learning & Development Tulsa, OK

People Operations

Nathaniel Fleckenstein

Director, People Operations Atlanta, GA

Patrice Murphy

Senior Specialist, People Operations Atlanta, GA

Caitlin Zbikowski

Manager, Talent Acquisition & Onboarding St. Louis, MO

Platoon Experience

Cicely Black

Manager, Regional Operations New York City, NY

Adrian De Luna

Manager, Regional Operations Houston, TX

Matthew Geesaman

Manager, Project Operations Houston, TX

Rasheem Howell

Manager, Regional Operations Fort Lauderdale, FL

Patrick Ketchum

Manager, Regional Operations Los Angeles, CA

Megan Kruse

Manager, Project Operations Pittsburgh, PA

Damion Martin

Director, Service Projects Houston, TX

Matthew Purkey

Vice President, Regional Operations Virtual