Join Your Platoon Leadership Team

Veterans at local service project building garden beds.

Become part of a growing movement of veterans who are leading efforts to support their local communities.

By joining your Platoon Leadership Team, you become a member of the Service Leadership Corps, our veteran volunteer force that steps up to lead service platoons across the country. 

We’re on a mission to connect veterans with under-resourced communities, giving veterans the opportunity to keep serving once the uniform comes off, right here at home. 


The roles that make a strong Platoon Leadership Team

What is a Service Platoon? 

The Mission Continues’ Service Platoons are led by teams of veteran volunteers that mobilize together to solve a specific challenge in their community. Service Platoons collaborate with local nonprofits, civic organizations, and businesses to ensure community support and engagement.  

Who can serve on the Platoon Leadership Team?   

If you have a desire to continue your service in under-resourced communities, we have an opportunity for you. To be eligible for an existing Platoon Leadership Team, you must:  

  • Be a veteran 
  • Have attended at least one TMC service project with their local platoon  
  • Are not currently a Platoon Leader 

If you have not yet been out to a service project, please visit our volunteer page so you can get boots on the ground today!   


The Platoon Leader is responsible for leading a team of service-minded veterans to support the local community. With support from The Mission Continues staff, the Platoon Leader ensures continuity of member engagement through regular service, support, and social events. 

Desirable leadership traits:  

  • Strong and timely verbal and written communication skills with volunteers and community partner organizations.  
  • Strong listening skills with an ability to adapt to change.  
  • Organizational skills to manage volunteer experience and project management 
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Suite and Social Media platforms  
  • Lead, motivate, and empower volunteers to continue their mission of service  
  • Ability to delegate tasks/projects with clear expectations and oversight  
  • Demonstrate appreciation for The Mission Continues’ brand in our communities
  • Maintain ethical norms and our Core Values
  • Ability to have fun! 


Note: Ideally, our Platoon Leaders will come up through the Platoon and have already spent a minimum of one year on the Leadership Team. However, there are some situations where we will need to recruit a Platoon Leader who is new to the Platoon Leadership Team. If you express interest in the PL role on your application and there is a need in your Platoon, you will receive a separate set of instructions for completing your application process.  

If you are interested in the PL role, but it is currently filled, we would be thrilled to have you join the Platoon Leadership Team and place you on the waitlist to fill that role in the future. 

The Platoon Leadership Team Member role is essential for ensuring service projects run smoothly and we are able to connect with the local community in a fun and engaging way. The role of the team member can be flexible and is dependent on the Platoon Leaders’ need and community need at that time. You will be able to discuss with your local Platoon Leader what this position will look like for you based on your skills and interests.  

Desirable team member traits: 

  • Comfortable with events/project management 
  • Strong communication skills 
  • Empathetic and caring for the veteran community 
  • Experience in speaking and connecting with diverse groups 
  • Strong ability to identify opportunities and ways to show appreciation 
  • Demonstrate appreciation for The Mission Continues’ brand in our communities
  • Maintain ethical norms and our Core Values
  • Ability to have fun! 


Setting Platoon Leadership Teams up for success through the Service Leadership Corps (SLC)

The critical component of the Service Platoon Program, the Service Leadership Corps, is the veteran volunteer force that steps up to lead service platoons across the country as members of the Platoon Leadership Teams. Members of the SLC complete platoon leadership training and have access to the necessary resources and tools to create meaningful service opportunities.  

They are equipped to recruit veterans, build relationships with community partners, and plan and execute high-quality service projects in under-resourced communities. The Leadership Training Team develops and delivers the full lifecycle of training to PLT members through virtual and in-person options, including initial training and ‘continuing education’ throughout their time in platoon leadership roles. 

By joining the Service Leadership Corps, all team members will:  

  • Develop a strong knowledge of asset-based community development  
  • Learn strategies for building meaningful relationships with community partners   
  • Access tools for planning and executing service projects that generate visible impact in the community   
  • Build skills for recruiting and engaging veteran volunteers and nonveteran community members  
  • Gain new, transferrable leadership and collaboration skills   
  • Expand your local and national network  
  • Receive ongoing training, access to resources and support from Mission Continues staff   

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Service Platoons are your opportunity to engage and connect with veterans and community members while generating community impact in a real and tangible way.


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