Boots On The Ground Podcast sparks conversations with veterans and organizations who are working to address the critical issues and challenges affecting veterans, our families, and communities-in-need nationwide.

This show is primarily an interview format and offers an opportunity to connect with veteran community members, highlight and educate our audience on military culture, meaning, and purpose.

The subject of any given episode may range from veteran mental health, the transition from active-duty to veteran, women veterans, veteran service organizations, leadership/ professional/ personal growth no name a few.

Meet Your Hosts

T’Liza Kiel

Director, Alumni Engagement 

Location: Houston, TX 

T’Liza served 8 years in the Texas Army National Guard and deployed to Iraq. For the past 5 years she has served with various local and national veteran service networks that directly support the needs of veterans and their families.  She is no stranger to the challenges of military life. A year and a half after her deployment to Iraq, she experienced first-hand the effects of war, which led to several suicides within her brigade.

T’Liza is a dedicated advocate for veteran mental Health, housing, employment, and volunteerism. She leads the Alumni Network with The Mission Continues, is an experienced leader and creative strategist specializing in veteran and nonprofit affairs. 

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Matthew Purkey

Vice President, Regional Operations 

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Matthew is a Marine veteran who served 4 and a half years. His main responsibility has been to provide both strategic and operational leadership in the United States Marine Corps, government project management, and United Way. If Matthew could dine with anyone, he would choose to dine with Marine, Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter. 

Through his work with The Mission Continues, Matthew leads a team of Regional Operations Managers across the United States who create opportunities to engage and connect with veterans and community members while generating community impact in a real and tangible way. The Mission Continues operates Service platoons in more than 40+ cities across the country that are having events at least once a month. 

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Janet Newsome

Senior Manager, Women Veterans Leadership Program 

Location: Washington D.C. 

Janet is a former U.S. Naval Officer who spent 1 years on active duty as a surface warfare officer and human resources officer, serving a tour in Norfolk, VA as a division officer and then deploying to the Middle East in 2007 in support of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. With more than 10 years of leadership and management experience, she is a subject matter expert in the fields of Women Veterans Leadership, Inclusive Strategy, and Public Narrative.

Janet leads the Women Veterans Leadership Program through her work and history of volunteering with The Mission Continues. Launched in March 2020, the WVLP provides leadership skills and knowledge for women veterans to build a movement so we can pursue equal opportunities for all women in leadership attainment. 

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