A win-win for veterans and the community

Operation Watts is Worth It / Los Angeles / July 2018


For more than 15 years, The Mission Continues has been providing veterans with personal growth, connection, and a chance to make a difference in their communities. The military creates lifelong bonds of camaraderie and shared purpose, and we aim to tap into this by giving veterans a new mission and opportunities to build new relationships with both veterans and community members.

Our programs allow veterans to come together and continue their service, this time as leaders driving positive change in their communities. Through this unique approach, veterans gain new skills, networks, and the confidence to successfully transition back to civilian life.

The impact of our work is evident. We are changing veterans’ lives by empowering them to become leaders and make a lasting impact in their communities. By working together in communities across the nation, veterans connect with each other, gain leadership skills and powerful networks, and renew their commitment to service. This not only benefits the veterans, but strengthens and enriches communities as well.

Join us and make a difference. Learn more about volunteering here. 

Our Impact By The Numbers


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I feel more connected to the city, my team, and even our country. I also have a greater understanding of my own strengths and how I might leverage my capabilities to continue serving in making a difference around my own community!

Matt Basista, Veteran Volunteer

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