Partners & Supporters

Thanks to a community of private donors, foundations, and corporate partnerships, thousands of veterans are serving new missions here at home. Their support has allowed us to scale as an organization and empower veterans nationwide.

The following supporters have provided support to The Mission Continues at or above a single $10,000 gift.

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Mission Partners – $500,000 and Above

The A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation has made a two-year investment to support strategic growth within The Mission Continues’ expanding veterans’ programs. The first-time partnership for the organizations highlights our aligned commitments to leadership development, community building and increased opportunities for veterans. As a long-time supporter of veterans’ services, the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation partners with organizations to scale their capacity to meet the growing needs of veterans and secure sustainable funding to foster self-reliance. This investment will support capacity-building and strategic growth for the Service Leadership Corps community-based leadership program and the development of the Women Veterans Leadership Program.

The RTX partnership with The Mission Continues will empower veterans across the country to continue serving in under resourced communities. Raytheon employees will have opportunities to join their local service platoons in service throughout the year.

Starbucks partnership with The Mission Continues is helping fuel our veterans and volunteers at local service projects all over the United States, all year round.

Visionary Partners – $250,000 and Above

Leadership Partners – – $100,000 and above

Guiding Partners – $50,000 and above

  • PenFed Foundation

  • Coca Cola Foundation

  • The Kendeda Fund

  • McGrath Abrams Foundation

  • Americorps

  • Chevron

  • CVS Health

  • Navy Federal Credit Union

Core Partners – $10,000

  • Nana Adae

  • American Direct Marketing

  • Phil Armstrong

  • David and Camille Averett

  • The Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation

  • Laura Conigliaro

  • Alison Conigliaro-Hubbard

  • John Culver

  • Michèle Flournoy and Scott Gould

  • Doug Foshee

  • Gary Giglio

  • HSBC

  • JPMC

  • Koret Foundation

  • MLB

  • Pauline Kalman

  • Greg McNeely

  • Andy and Gail Mills

  • one8 Foundation

  • Mike Quilty

  • Richard and Suzanne Schultze

  • The Michael T. Sherman Foundation

  • The Simmons Charitable Foundation

  • Safeway

  • Jon and Tracey Stewart

  • Gene Sykes

  • Jane Spoehrer Tschudy

  • Elisheva Yuan

  • Sempra Infrastructure

Alumni Giving Circle

  • Samuel Alix

  • Eric Ballentine

  • Christopher Barreras

  • Alveen “Bre” Bregaudit

  • Michael Brown

  • Michael Burten

  • Nadja Cockrell

  • Erin Connolly

  • Anne Conte

  • Irma Cooper

  • Jose Cruz

  • Joey Mac Dizon

  • David DuBois

  • Mark Engelsman

  • Nichole Griffin

  • Garrett Hladky

  • LaShonda Johnson

  • Kentrell Jones

  • Joseph Kendall

  • Patrick Ketchum

  • Almandi Kidd

  • T’Liza Kiel

  • Kenric Lynn

  • Kathy Ann Mackie

  • Anthony Martinez

  • David Matthews

  • Marty McHenry

  • Missy McPartland

  • Stephanie McRae

  • Meeka-Lizzene McWilliams

  • Blair Mickles

  • Samantha Noble

  • Tara Patterson

  • Doug Pfeffer

  • Joseph Plazyk

  • Leslie Premo

  • Jenna Pursley

  • Crystal Reidy

  • Nitza Rivera

  • Lakesha Stringer

  • Susan Thaxton

  • Rogelio Villa

  • Paul Vincent

  • Damika Wallace

  • Diahann White

  • Dennis Wicks

  • Valerie Young