Once you’ve completed one of our programs—from leading a Service Platoon to participating in a Mass Deployment, and everything in between, there’s still an opportunity for you to serve and connect with other veterans.

Additionally, we are updating our records to better serve our community. Please take a moment to update your alumni contact information, your support means the world to us!


An Alumni of The Mission Continues is anyone who has completed any one of our programs throughout the years—including the following: Fellowship Program, Platoon Leadership Program, Women Veterans Leadership Summit, Mass Deployment as Crew or Ambassador, Service Leadership Corps, Leading For All, or the Women Veterans Leadership Program.  

Sound like you? Then you’re in the right place!  

Have any questions about the program? Send a note to T’Liza Kiel, Director of Alumni Engagement at tkiel@missioncontinues.org

Platoon Leader Alliance (PALS)

The Mission Continues seeks eligible Alumni for the Platoon Advisory Alliance to support Platoon Leaders through peer support and coaching. Volunteers will guide Platoon Leaders in recruiting and engaging volunteers, managing partnerships, and planning events. The role involves regular communication, using the GROW Model for coaching, and enhancing training sessions. Volunteers will also help with networking and outreach in the veteran community, occasionally representing The Mission Continues. Once paired with a Platoon Leader, PALS commit to a 6-month term.  

  • Eligibility: 
    • Must be a Platoon Leader or Platoon Leadership team Alumnus 


Washington, D.C. — May 17, 2024 — The Mission Continues, a national nonprofit dedicated to empowering veterans as community-based leaders, announced a strategic transition of the Women Veterans Leadership Program (WVLP) to Beneath the Service. This transition is designed to focus and enhance the impact of WVLP, ensuring its continued success and alignment with organizational missions.

This transition to Beneath the Service marks a pivotal moment to ensure that WVLP continues to grow and serve the evolving needs of women veterans. Although nearly 400 participants have completed WVLP, the program has received almost 4,200 applications in four years, highlighting the tremendous demand and the importance of its mission to empower women veterans.

If you have participated in WVLP and would like to stay connected with this program then please click here to register for WVLP Alumni on their website.


Join your fellow Alumni in our Facebook Group, or attend our frequent Town Halls and programming! We have events and gatherings throughout the year (virtually, and/or in person when able too) so join us to connect and learn.

We’re always on the lookout for alumni ready to share, and we’ve launched the Alumni Speaker Series to share that expertise in our network with the wider world!

Watch some of the Alumni Speaker Series:

Kenric Lynn (Fellow, C15) gives 5 Tips to Help You Lead Through Adversity

Practicing Mindfulness with Allison Sage (SLC C1, WVLS 19)


Do you want to help organize an Alumni Social Convening in your area? Are you great at social media and want to help manage the Alumni Facebook Group? Or perhaps you have great resources for the greater veteran community that you want to share via a blog post or a webinar? Please let us know here.

If you are interested in being featured during our Alumni Spotlight or would like to nominate another Alumni, we’d love to hear it. We welcome stories ranging from personal successes to interesting resources available for other veterans. Head here to fill out the form!

Have another idea of how you can get involved? Send a note to T’Liza Kiel, Director of Alumni Engagement at tkiel@missioncontinues.org.

TMC Alumni Staff



T’Liza Kiel

Director, Alumni Engagement

Contact: tkiel@missioncontinues.org








Boots On The Ground Podcast sparks conversations with veterans and organizations who are working to address the critical issues and challenges affecting veterans, our families, and communities-in-need nationwide.

This show is hosted by an Army veteran and offers an opportunity to connect with veteran community members, highlight and educate our audience on military culture, meaning, and purpose.

The subject of any given episode may range from veteran mental health, the transition from active-duty to veteran, women veterans, veteran service organizations, leadership/ professional/ personal growth no name a few.

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