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2019 Mass Deployment: Operation Charm City Charge - Baltimore

The Mass Deployment experience is more than just a week of high-impact volunteerism in one city. It’s an investment in yourself as a community leader.


Mass Deployments mobilize veterans from across the country alongside local partners and volunteers in a single city for a week of learning, teamwork, and community impact. We select cities that will benefit from an influx of resources that The Mission Continues and our partners can provide, and that have the potential for sustainable growth—so that the impact is built to last. Similarly, for our veteran force of volunteers – the training, networking, and skill-building achieved during mass deployment serves as a foundation for continued leadership at home.

Although we only have one mass deployment per year, we have weekly service projects all across the U.S. Click here to see how you can get involved today. 

Operation Chi-Town Salute – Mass Deployment 2022

Operation Chi-Town Salute, held in Chicago, IL, marked the sixth iteration of our Mass Deployment program. From August 12-15, 2022, a team of veterans deployed from across the country, invested their time, energy, and skills to help make positive community-driven change at Maria Saucedo Academy, Englewood Veterans Garden, Hermitage Community Garden, Hope Manor II, and Kennedy-King College. 

In total, over 650+ veterans, volunteers, community members, and partners convened throughout the city for four consecutive days of physically demanding and visually impactful service. Planning included regular meetings so community members could share their vision and provide their input, as well as conversations with long-standing partner organizations to ensure that the impact achieved by Operation Chi-Town Salute would directly address the community’s needs. Operation Chi-Town Salute was a heightened continuation of our ongoing commitment to Chicago—and the hundreds of local veterans of The Mission Continues—who are at the heart of sustaining our collective progress. 

Past Mass Deployments


We’ve completed six Mass Deployments so far—in Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Baltimore, Houston, and Chicago.

Houston, TX
Baltimore, MD
Los Angeles, CA

Watch the impact of our work in Baltimore:

We’ve had a profound impact over the last four years—read about it here: