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Get ready to witness the power of veteran-led community impact with our 8th Annual Mass Deployment! This electrifying team-based service event brings together veterans, local partners, and volunteers in a single city taking place June 20-26, 2024.

We carefully select locations that are in need of a boost, where our resources and efforts can create sustainable change in the long term. Since 2016, we’ve deployed over 600 veterans to major cities across the US, including Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Houston, Chicago, and Washington DC. 

Our Mass Deployments aren’t just about making a difference in the community – they also serve as an opportunity to inspire future leaders and encourage more veterans to take on new roles of service. Watch this exhilarating movement unfold as local partners and volunteers create positive change and inspire others to serve as well! 

Haven for Hope (Friday, June 21)

Friday, June 21 | 9:00 AM-4:00 PM CST

More than just a shelter, Haven for Hope stands as a transformative campus, profoundly influencing the lives of those who walk through its doors. Their mission goes beyond providing refuge; they are actively combating homelessness by empowering individuals and families to embark on a journey of transformation and renewal. 

Haven for Hope, in collaboration with their partners, addresses the root causes of homelessness, tailoring programs to meet the unique needs of each person or family. These initiatives are a thoughtful blend of person-centered, trauma-informed, and recovery-oriented approaches. The range of programs extends from street and jail outreach to the safe indoor space known as the courtyard, and the Transformational Campus designed for individuals and families seeking support. 

Dedicated staff at Haven for Hope offer personalized services that focus on individual development, including income and skill development. Clients receive assistance in crafting an income plan tailored to their specific goals, abilities, and circumstances. The holistic case management approach ensures connections to both in-house programs and external partner organizations. Legal services, encompassing ID recovery and warrant relief, are also provided. Through this comprehensive care approach that centers on the individual, Haven for Hope is actively and tangibly transforming lives. 


  • Beautifying the campus outdoor area 
  • Brightening indoor gathering and recreation areas by repainting walls 
  • Adding additional seating options for guests and residents 

Saturday, June 22 | 9:00 AM-4:00 PM CST

Recognizing the immense potential, influence, and power inherent in women, the Young Women’s Leadership Academy-Primary is dedicated to supporting young women and offering a college preparatory experience that equips them with essential skills such as critical thinking, purposeful leadership, and responsible living. These skills form the core belief that they are indispensable for success in both personal and educational realms. 

To address the underrepresentation of women in STEM career fields, the Young Women’s Leadership Academy-Primary seamlessly integrates math, science, and technology into their curriculum. This comprehensive educational approach ensures that graduates are well-prepared to pursue higher education, with the expectation that they will enroll in a four-year university or college to further their academic journey. 

Beyond academics, the school enriches the student experience through a myriad of extracurricular opportunities, including athletics, theater, Gamma Sigma Girls, National Honor Society, Debate, and even a Gardening Club. A community garden, situated just behind the campus, offers invaluable hands-on learning experiences for students, enhancing their education with practical, real-world applications. 


  • Continuing to expand growing potential of the garden at the school
  • Improving outdoor recreation and learning spaces 
  • Creating a dedicated space for teachers to gather, unwind, and plan together 

Sunday, June 23 | 9:00 AM-2:00 PM CST

Nestled within the vibrant community of San Antonio, Democracy Prep at the Stewart Campus stands as a beacon of academic excellence and civic engagement. With a steadfast commitment to preparing young minds for a lifetime of success, Democracy Prep cultivates a nurturing and inclusive environment where every student is empowered to thrive. At the heart of the Stewart Campus Elementary School is a dedication to democratic values, instilling in students a deep appreciation for civic responsibility, critical thinking, and social justice. 

As the newest addition to the Democracy Prep family in Texas, the Stewart Campus Elementary School embodies the organization’s mission to provide a high-quality education that prepares students to succeed in college and beyond. Through rigorous academics, character development programs, and hands-on learning experiences, students at Stewart Campus are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to become engaged citizens and leaders in their communities. With a diverse and dedicated team of educators, staff, and community partners, Democracy Prep at the Stewart Campus Elementary School is committed to unlocking the full potential of every student and fostering a brighter future for all. 

From its state-of-the-art facilities to its innovative curriculum, Democracy Prep at the Stewart Campus Elementary School is a testament to the transformative power of education. With a focus on academic excellence, character development, and civic engagement, Stewart Campus prepares students to excel academically while making a positive impact in their communities. Through its unwavering dedication to democratic values and equity, Democracy Prep at the Stewart Campus Elementary School is shaping the leaders of tomorrow and building a brighter future for all. 


  • Beautifying the campus outdoor area 
  • Brightening indoor gathering and recreation areas by repainting walls 
  • Adding additional seating options for students and teachers 

Monday, June 24 | 9:00 AM-4:00 PM CST

With a rich and enduring history that traces its roots back to 1917, VFW Post 76 Sam Houston Post proudly stands as the oldest post in Texas. Its inception was marked by the inclusion of veterans who had served in the Spanish American War. 

Acquired in June 1947, the 10th Street structure, also known as the Petty House, has served as the Post Headquarters. Over the years, it has been a dedicated space to honor and serve our veterans, functioning as a social center that warmly welcomes the surrounding community. 

The sense of community and camaraderie within the post transcends generations, military branches, and international conflicts. Present members proudly represent veterans from World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf War, and more recently, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Nationally established in 1899, the VFW played a crucial role in advocating for veterans’ benefits, care, and services post-military service. At the local level, Post 76 offers a range of programs tailored for veterans, including assistance with VA claims and benefits, support for homeless veterans, mental wellness initiatives, and student veteran support. Their community outreach extends to scholarship programs for youth, initiatives like Patriot Pen and Voice of Democracy, and more, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to serving and supporting veterans and the broader community. 


  • Beautifying the post outdoor area 
  • Improving drainage around the post 
  • Adding additional seating options for guests and members 

Tuesday, June 25 | 9:00 AM-4:00 PM CST

Garcia Street Urban Farm, strategically located in San Antonio’s Eastside, plays a vital role in enhancing access to fresh, locally grown, and nutritious foods within the community. Urban agriculture, as a key objective, aims to foster food security in underserved neighborhoods. 

Established through a partnership between the Alamo Colleges District and Opportunity Home San Antonio, this 4.1-acre urban farm is on a mission to promote community engagement in the local food production system. By cultivating fresh produce, involving local farmers, and providing educational resources, Garcia Street Urban Farm serves as a hub that transcends generational boundaries. It attracts visitors of all ages, from youth learning the basics and enjoying fresh produce to adults actively participating in gardening and harvesting activities. 

Distinguishing itself, Garcia Street Urban Farm stands out as one of the few farming and food production initiatives supported by the housing authority, the local community, and higher education. A unique feature is the presence of a pollinator meadow along the garden’s fringe, serving both as a habitat for wildlife and a space to support pollinators. Additionally, their production efforts extend collaboratively through distribution networks, reaching community markets and fortifying farm-to-table programs. 

In essence, Garcia Street Urban Farm not only contributes to local food accessibility but also fosters community engagement and strengthens intergenerational relationships. It stands as a commendable example of a multifaceted initiative that brings together diverse stakeholders to create a more sustainable and connected community. 


  • Building a walking trail through the garden
  • Building additional garden beds to expand production 
  • Providing additional seating options for guests and visitors 

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Why San Antonio?

You don’t get an official trademarked nickname like “Military City USA” accidentally. Indeed, San Antonio, based on its long-established and well-known affiliation with our nation’s Armed Services makes it, at first glance, an easy selection for our eighth Mass Deployment location. 

San Antonio is the county seat for Bexar County, which is home to nearly 160,000 veterans, comprising an astonishing 11 percent of the county’s entire population. It also boasts an ongoing and consistent population of more than 80,000 active-duty military members. When you couple the veteran population with the active-duty residents, San Antonio’s county is comprised of nearly 17% current or former US military members. Additionally, San Antonio is home to one of the largest concentrations of military bases in the country. 

The San Antonio Platoon of The Mission Continues has also made its mark. Since its beginning in late 2014, the San Antonio Service Platoon has led more than 280 service and support projects with 3,156 volunteers – nearly 1,600 of which have been veterans – accounting for 15,695 volunteer hours served in numerous Military City neighborhoods. 

We are incredibly grateful to USAA, a valued and committed partner of our Service Platoon efforts, for their dedicated support as Presenting Sponsor of our next Mass Deployment operation in San Antonio, Texas. 

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