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There are several roles that make up the Mass Deployment team, all of which are essential in getting the mission done. Operation Military City Salute project days will be taking place June 21-25, but the Mass Deployment team dates will vary depending on which team you are selected for but will be within June 17-27.

If you are interested, please APPLY HERE TO BE A MASS DEPLOYMENT TEAM MEMBER. You will be prompted to select which role you are applying for. You will be notified if you are accepted by the end of April, 2024.

Operation Military City Salute Impact Goals & Mission  

Mass Deployments create future leaders, encourage veterans to serve their communities, and inspire others. Join us as we: 

  • Rally 100+ veterans from across the US
  • Connect 100+ local San Antonio, TX-area veterans
  • Tackle 60+ projects in partnership with local organizations
  • Involve 200+ community members
  • Deliver $200,000 worth of service to San Antonio in just 5 days

As a Volunteer ASE team member, you will serve as part of a team of 12-15 alumni who will play a key role in enhancing the program experience for 80-100 active program members. You will provide high level service operations support, mentorship, engage in public speaking opportunities, and execution of logistics. Additionally, there will be opportunities to expand the marketing efforts of Operation District Drilldown to reach new, diverse audiences. 

The ideal candidates for this role will have a passion for working with veterans and communities, and have a strong desire to grow, lead, and support others as well as a strong background in project operations. They will have the ability to work with ambiguity while maintaining an adaptable and positive mindset.  

Applicants must meet this criteria: 

  • Current/former PLT member or a TMC program graduate in one of our eligible cities 
  • Have attended one of our mass deployments before  


If you have attended one of our mass deployments before, you can become an ambassador. Ambassadors still help with the hands-on projects but aid our new crew members when needed. 

Applicants must meet this criteria: 

  • U.S. military veteran from all branches or currently serving in the National Guard or Reserves  
  • Must reside and be a part of one of our platoons in one of our eligible cities 
  • Must have attended one of our mass deployments before or a TMC program graduate


Looking to deploy at our next mass deployment? You can become a crew member, help with the projects, and ensure the other volunteers who come out that day have hands-on support as needed. 

Applicants must meet this criteria: 

  • U.S. military veteran from all branches or currently serving in the National Guard or Reserves  
  • Must reside and be a part of one of our platoons in one of our eligible cities  
  • Must be the first-time attending mass deployment


Mass Deployment 2024

Get ready to witness the power of veteran-led community impact with our 8th Annual Mass Deployment! This electrifying team-based service event brings together veterans, local partners, and volunteers in a single city taking place June 20-25,2024.

We carefully select locations that are in need of a boost, where our resources and efforts can create sustainable change in the long term. Since 2016, we’ve deployed over 600 veterans to major cities across the US, including Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Houston, Chicago, and Washington DC. 

But that’s not all – our upcoming San Antonio, TX Mass Deployment, aptly named Operation Military City Salute, is set to be our 8th Mass Deployment, and we’re just getting started! 

Our Mass Deployments aren’t just about making a difference in the community – they also serve as an opportunity to inspire future leaders and encourage more veterans to take on new roles of service. Watch this exhilarating movement unfold as veterans as local partners and volunteers create positive change and inspire others to serve as well! 

What is Mass Deployment?

Check out this video from our last Mass Deployment, Operation District  Drilldown in Washington, DC, to get a look back at what the connection, service, and impact looks like.

Why San Antonio? 

You don’t get an official trademarked nickname like “Military City USA” accidentally. Indeed, San Antonio, based on its long-established and well-known affiliation with our nation’s Armed Services makes it, at first glance, an easy selection for our eighth Mass Deployment location. 

San Antonio is the county seat for Bexar County, which is home to nearly 160,000 veterans, comprising an astonishing 11 percent of the county’s entire population. It also boasts an ongoing and consistent population of more than 80,000 active-duty military members. When you couple the veteran population with the active-duty residents, San Antonio’s county is comprised of nearly 17% current or former US military members. Additionally, San Antonio is home to one of the largest concentrations of military bases in the country. 

The San Antonio Platoon of The Mission Continues has also made its mark. Since its beginning in late 2014, the San Antonio Service Platoon has led more than 280 service and support projects with 3,156 volunteers – nearly 1,600 of which have been veterans – accounting for 15,695 volunteer hours served in numerous Military City neighborhoods. 

We are incredibly grateful to USAA, a valued and committed partner of our Service Platoon efforts, for their dedicated support as Presenting Sponsor of our next Mass Deployment operation in San Antonio, Texas. 

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