United in Service: Honoring 9/11

United in Service project day


The attacks of September 11, 2001 sparked millions of Americans into service. Many felt compelled to join the United States Military. Now, 21 years later, the majority of those brave and patriotic Americans are veterans. And many of these veterans still have a desire to serve this country, and they have been empowered to do so right here at The Mission Continues.

With the help of dedicated community partners, selfless sponsors, and volunteers from every corner of this nation, our veterans are honoring 9/11 by continuing to serve right here at home. And through this service, these veterans are finding purpose, connectedness, and growth while assisting our country’s under-resourced communities.

This year, the work continues, and our veterans are choosing to report for duty in our communities. The mission is clear, and we need you to join us, United In Service, this September.  

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We continue our mission all year round with various types of service projects, impacting our communities and the veterans who continue to serve.

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United in Service Highlights

See our #UnitedinService through photos

United in Service Highlights

See our #UnitedinService through photos


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