The Mission Continues Announces Inaugural Veterans Day of Giving Movement

A united effort this Veterans Day to support and uplift the veteran community. 

The Mission Continues, a veteran and volunteer service organization with more than 15 years of history connecting veterans with under-resourced communities, is proud to announce the launch of the inaugural Veterans Day of Giving, scheduled for November 10, 2023. With CVS Health proudly serving as the Lead Sponsor, this day is set to mark a significant stride in honoring and supporting our nation’s veterans. On this special day of giving, all donations to The Mission Continues, up to $50,000, will be matched by a generous grant from CVS Health.

CVS Health partnership banner

The Veterans Day of Giving is not just an event; it’s a movement designed to raise awareness and inspire support for our nation’s veterans. More than just remembering and thanking our veterans, the movement encourages action – a collective effort to support Veteran leaders who are working tirelessly to improve their own communities, taking their oath of service to others to the next level.  

“As we move farther from the events of September 11th, 2001, and subsequent military involvements, the national consciousness may drift away from the ongoing challenges facing our veterans,” says Mary Beth Bruggeman, President of The Mission Continues and Marine Corp Veteran. “The Veterans Day of Giving aims to refocus our attention on the unwavering spirit of service embodied by our veterans and the organizations that support them.”

Key Points of the Veterans Day of Giving Movement: 

  • Double Your Impact: This year, each donation to The Mission Continues will be matched dollar-for-dollar – up to $50,000 – thanks to the support of our Lead Sponsor CVS Health.  
  • Unified Support: The Mission Continues is spearheading this initiative, with a goal to ensure every veteran has the tools and support to continue make a lasting impact in their communities here at home.  
  • Broad Participation: The Mission Continues is rallying military influencers and the broader public to join ensuring a wide-reaching impact. 
  • Visual Identity: A unique Veterans Day of Giving logo has been crafted to symbolize the movement, which will be prominently featured across all promotional materials and communications. 

Following the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan in 2021, many VSOs have experienced a steady decline in veteran-focused philanthropic support. However, the mental, emotional, and physical challenges faced by many veterans remain. Initiatives of this importance require partnerships, support, and teamwork, and that’s where CVS Health has stepped in and answered the call. 

About The Mission Continues 

The Mission Continues is a national veterans organization dedicated to empowering veterans as community-based leaders. We invest in veterans and under-resourced communities, developing new skill sets and equipping a growing veteran volunteer movement with the tools to drive positive change. We deploy veteran volunteers in more than 40 cities nationwide alongside nonprofit partners and community leaders to improve educational resources, address food insecurity, increase access to parks and green spaces, foster neighborhood identity, and more. Through this unique model, veterans are provided opportunities for personal connection and professional growth while generating visible community impact. This work is made possible through the generous contributions of our mission partners. To learn more, visit the Veterans Day of Giving Landing Page.