The Mission Continues Announces Graduation of Women Veterans Leadership Program to Woman Veteran-Led Beneath the Service 

Washington, D.C. — May 17, 2024 — The Mission Continues, a national nonprofit dedicated to empowering veterans as community-based leaders, announced a strategic transition of the Women Veterans Leadership Program (WVLP) to Beneath the Service. This transition is designed to focus and enhance the impact of WVLP, ensuring its continued success and alignment with organizational missions. 

This transition to Beneath the Service marks a pivotal moment to ensure that WVLP continues to grow and serve the evolving needs of women veterans. Although nearly 400 participants have completed WVLP, the program has received almost 4,200 applications in four years, highlighting the tremendous demand and the importance of its mission to empower women veterans. 

Since its launch in 2020, the WVLP has facilitated professional development through intensive training, networking, and community service opportunities designed to empower women veterans by leveraging their unique skills and experiences. Participants have reported enhanced leadership skills, increased confidence, and stronger community connections. This program has not only changed the narrative about what it means to be a woman veteran but also created a lasting legacy of empowerment and leadership among its alumnae.  

“We are immensely proud of our women veteran alumnae, all of whom have developed deep connections to each other, grown as leaders, and become stronger and more confident communicators,” said Mary Beth Bruggeman, President of The Mission Continues. “These women are part of a growing movement of leaders who are rediscovering their authentic selves and are dedicated to making a positive impact on the women that follow them.” 

Like The Mission Continues, Beneath the Service is a veteran-serving nonprofit organization focused on empowering veterans through their post-military transition. The woman veteran-led nonprofit supports military veterans in finding new meaning, purpose, and direction in all aspects of life after their service ends and is poised to further develop the program. 

“It’s an honor to be selected to continue the life-changing work of the WVLP,” said Niki Marin, founder and president of Beneath the Service.  “As a woman veteran, I know firsthand how important it is to find a community of women who not only understand your lived experiences but support and empower you on your post-service journey. We look forward to building on the WVLP’s successes and facilitating those connection points for many women veterans to come.” 

Leveraging the frame of identity, purpose, and connection, Beneath the Service aims to support program participants with adjusting and reintegrating to civilian life, while using a foundation of leadership development principles.  The program’s comprehensive approach includes in-person sessions featuring engaging speakers and classroom methods, and opportunities to make meaningful connections. It will also boast a robust virtual learning curriculum focused on topics such as emotional intelligence, change leadership, public speaking, and resilience. 

The Mission Continues is confident that not only will WVLP live on to impact thousands more women veterans across the country, but with Beneath the Service leading the way, the potential for growth of this program is limitless. This move aligns with The Mission Continues’ strategic focus on expanding its Service Platoon Program, which engages volunteers in high-impact, veteran-led community service projects. 

About The Mission Continues 

The Mission Continues is a national veteran-serving organization dedicated to empowering veterans as community-based leaders. We invest in veterans as powerful agents of change in under-resourced communities, challenging them to develop new skill sets and equipping a growing movement of veteran leaders with the tools to drive positive change. We deploy veteran volunteers in more than 40 cities nationwide alongside nonprofit partners and community leaders to improve educational resources, address food insecurity, increase access to parks and green spaces, foster neighborhood identity, and more. Through this unique model, veterans are provided opportunities for personal connection and professional growth while generating visible community impact. This work is made possible through the generous contributions of our mission partners.

About Beneath the Service 

Beneath the Service is a woman veteran-led nonprofit that reconnects military veterans with their purpose through world-class professional & leadership development. Through programs like Re-orient and the WVLP, Beneath the Service helps military veterans navigate the post-service social reintegration process, enhance their leadership skills, and build meaningful community connections. Learn more about Beneath the Service here:


David Alvarado 
Public Relations and Communications Manager, The Mission Continues