A Few Good Reasons to Invest in Veterans

Dec 14, 2022

Your donation supports our mission to build a movement of veterans leading change in under-resourced communities nationwide.

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We know that giving to the causes you care about benefits more than just the organization and those it supports – it can be deeply rewarding for you too. Our Veteran Empowerment Index found that giving back and lifting up communities were key themes for several of our veterans and partners. When asked what they got out of participation in our programs, many cited their ability to help communities in need: 

“The number one reason for me was because this is an organization that gives back to underserved communities.” 

Veteran volunteer

Seeing the impact of our work was particularly rewarding: 

“It was amazing, to be able to go into these places and help out. To see the reactions to that little bit of work that we did… it’s going to help these folks 24 hours a day for a long time. It makes me feel really, really good to be able to go in and help the people.” 

Veteran volunteer

During this year’s Giving Season, millions will give to charity to support the causes they believe in, as well as for the positive effect it has on their own lives. So why is giving to charity so gratifying and life-changing for all involved? Here are a few good reasons for donating to The Mission Continues: 

1. Our veterans are mission-driven

Veterans who enroll in our programs and are members of a local service platoon are hard-wired to support worthy causes. When mission-driven individuals such as our veterans see that a community of donors aligns with their values, they are motivated to take action.   

“The number one reason was ultimately because we are serving communities that nobody else wants to go into.” 

Veteran volunteer

2. Your Donation gives purpose

Our research on our volunteers shows that personal growth and furthering their careers/employment opportunities are reasons they choose to participate with The Mission Continues. We strive to provide meaningful personal and professional growth opportunities that help veterans rekindle their sense of purpose, grow their networks, and reduce social isolation. Check out our network of local Service Platoon Facebook Groups! 

3. Invest in a Veteran’s capacity to lead

By supporting our programs through giving, you are supporting the potential to teach or bolster leadership skills. Employment of our veterans increased 14 percentage points after participating in our programs and many have reported improved job performance. One participant described his experience as being a “pipeline” to his personal growth and success: 

“I highly recommend the [Service Platoon] program to anyone looking for greater purpose in life following their military career. The platoon has been a pipeline to my own personal success and I know it has the potential to do the same for many more.” 

Veteran volunteer

4. Giving strengthens personal values

In the aftermath of COVID-19, many communities across the country are still facing uphill battles and aWhatever type of charity work they support, most people who donate feel they have a moral duty to do what they must to help others – a sentiment rooted in our personal values and principles. When a veteran first raised their hand to take the oath of enlistment, they did so knowing that they had the power to improve the lives of others by giving something of themselves. Acting on this sense of responsibility is a great way to reinforce your own personal values and live in a way that is true to your beliefs.

5. There is a financial incentive to giving

When you donate to a 501(c)(3) public charity, you may be eligible for certain tax deductions. Although tax exemption is a perk for donors, we know that altruism is the driving force behind why people donate.

6. Giving builds and strengthens communities

In the aftermath of COVID-19, many communities across the country are still facing uphill battles and are unable to serve their constituencies. Many communities in America are under-funded and under-resourced. So many communities need support to solve their problems and lift up their families, but without resources, many communities’ problems only intensify. Communities can benefit greatly from allowing veterans to serve them as they are uniquely qualified because of the skills and mindsets they have honed through their military service. As a member of your local community, you have an opportunity to magnify this positive impact and strengthen your community by donating.

You don’t need to donate hundreds of dollars to make a difference, even the smallest amount can make a HUGE change. A few dollars or more can go towards providing coffee and breakfast to fuel our nation’s future veteran leaders during a session of the Woman Veterans Leadership Program or go towards purchasing painting materials that will transform a classroom or community green space. By donating to The Mission Continues, your dollars will always go towards the veterans and communities who need it the most. 

Learn more about ways to give: Donate (Individual Giving) – The Mission Continues | The Mission Continues