Mental Health Awareness Month

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As we recognize Mental Health Awareness Month throughout May, we know – perhaps now more than ever – that there are very real challenges affecting veterans from all corners of our country. Here at The Mission Continues, we’re doing what we can to address some of the risk factors associated with reducing negative mental health outcomes.

We’ve been listening closely to what our veterans and volunteer community have been telling us about the connectedness they feel at our service projects and how it helps to reduce the risk factor of social isolation. Serving in communities through our service platoons helps restore a sense of purpose that may have been left unfilled since separating from the military. And that our personal and professional growth programs provide positive reinforcement to a veteran’s overall mental health and wellness by forging a strong network with other veterans and sharing each other’s experiences in a safe and open space.

This month we are going to spotlight veterans who exemplify connectedness, purpose, and growth as key factors in seeking their mental health support, and we’re happy to share their stories with you here. But far more work needs to be done. We stand in solidarity with our veterans who are experiencing mental health challenges and with our VSO partners who work tirelessly to provide the support they need. So if you are a veteran, or know a veteran, in need of more support, please visit or call the Veterans Crisis Line (both can be accessed on the right of this page).

Check-In is a fast, efficient, reliable tool that connects veterans to high-quality, compassionate behavioral and mental health support personalized to their needs. Powered by the Veteran Wellness Alliance.

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Every day in the military, your life has meaning; it has purpose. And when you separate from the military, that’s the challenge. And for me, not knowing how to communicate I was missing a sense of purpose left me feeling empty and I had a void that I didn’t know how to feel. And that’s when I found The Mission Continues, and it offered me a platform to feel that sense of purpose again.

Derek Auguste, The Mission Continues Alumni

When I retired in 2014, I didn’t have a place to go, I was lost for many years. The Mission Continues has actually saved my life because I was in a very dark place.

Elizabeth Martinez-Gonzalez, The Mission Continues Platoon Leader, Puerto Rico

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Impact Stories

Mental Health Awareness Month Highlights

See our impact through photos

Mental Health Awareness Month Highlights

See our impact through photos


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