Service Project

Veterans' Haven Garden: Cultivating Hope & Healing

June 15, 2024

09:00 AM - 03:00 PM EDT

Miami Platoon

Event overview

🌱 Join us for a day of heartwarming community action as we transform barren patches into vibrant havens of therapeutic gardening delight! Together, we'll create six garden beds bursting with life. But our mission doesn't end there! Guided by our passion for nurturing, we'll select and plant a bounty of fast-growing vegetables and even fruit – carefully chosen to brave the whims of beach weather. But this isn't just about green thumbs and sturdy plants; it's about fostering connections and sowing seeds of compassion. By starting a therapeutic garden for the homeless veterans of Harding Village, we're not just cultivating vegetables; we're cultivating hope, healing, and a sense of belonging. Together, we'll make a tangible difference in the lives of those who have served our country, providing them with a tranquil oasis where they can find solace and purpose. So, whether you're a seasoned gardener or simply eager to lend a hand, come join us as we cultivate not just gardens, but to dig deep, grow strong, and harvest the joy that only volunteering can bring! 🌿🌻


Service Project

What To Wear

TMC blues, Clothes that can get dirty, Painting clothes, Warm weather gear, Closed-Toe Shoes


Uneven terrain;Wheelchair accessible site and bathrooms;Handicap Parking available;Jobs available for persons with limited mobility

What to Bring

Grab your gardening gloves, sunscreen, hat, water bottle, closed-toe shoes, and snacks, and let's make memories in the garden!

Inclement Weather

Stay informed about any changes or updates regarding the event through our Facebook group and email. We'll keep volunteers updated via these channels and, if needed, through text messages or other social media platforms. Our priority is safety at all times. We'll closely monitor weather conditions and be prepared to postponed.

Who's Invited

Kids (under 13)
Adults (21+)
Seniors (55+)
Adults (18+)

Event Contact

When and where


June 15, 2024


09:00 AM - 03:00 PM (EDT)


Harding Village

8540 Harding Ave
Miami Beach, FL

Parking Information

Street Parking near Venue

8540 Harding Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141

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