Become a Platoon Leader

LA Platoon Leader Giving a Preparation Speech

Platoon Leadership Team Survey

Are you a current or former platoon leader or platoon leadership team member? We would like to hear your feedback. Your participation will help us build on what we are doing well and identify areas where we can do better. Your voice will help us invest in resources that you and your platoon need to have a greater impact on veterans and the communities where you serve. Please take the time to complete our 20-minute survey.

All information will be kept strictly confidential and accessible only to The Mission Continues research staff.  No answers will affect your standing with The Mission Continues and all identifying information will be removed before sharing results.

What does it mean to be a Platoon Leader?

The Service Platoon Leader guides a team of service-minded veterans and community volunteers to make a lasting impact in their city.

They are dedicated to service—and their enthusiasm makes everyone want to take part. They plan, organize, and recruit volunteers to participate in service projects supporting local nonprofits, and get to know members of the platoon through social and networking events. The PL has a unique role in connecting veterans looking for opportunities to continue to serve, as well as local community partners who are able to benefit from the skills, talent and work ethic of veterans.

After completing the 6 month Service Leadership Corps training, you’ll be ready to take on new challenges in your community and bring people together in service.

The average Platoon Leader volunteers for 10 hours per week engaging with a community organization to plan projects for the service platoon, such as creating or maintaining a community garden, collecting and distributing food to community members, or simply adding volunteer capacity where it can have the greatest impact.

Platoon Leaders develop leadership teams of other veterans, family members and community volunteers to help accomplish their missions and train others to lead for future projects.

  • Choose a focus area for one year that will impact a community in areas such as, hunger, environment, green spaces, education, or other community issues.
  • Encourage and recruit military veterans (from all generations, as well as those still serving) and community volunteers to serve with the Platoon
  • Plan and execute service projects for the Service Platoon.
  • Collect and share highlights and member stories and photos for communications efforts.
  • Collaborate with The Mission Continues staff to ensure Platoon and Platoon Leadership team to identify the necessary support and resources needed to create impact with veterans and with local communities that are aligned our mission.


The following skills are beneficial in effectively leading Service Platoons:

Clear, consistent, and timely communications with platoon members, community partner organizations, etc.; Strong listening skills with an ability to adjust when given new information or feedback.

Track members & resources to manage ongoing projects over the course of a year.

Motivate veterans and other volunteers to join and serve as active and engaged platoon members.

Delegate tasks/projects with clear expectations and a disciplined process for follow-up.

Find new ways to work with community partners to engage veterans in making an impact in local communities.

Lead and partner in a way that is consistent with the mission and core values of The Mission Continues.

Are you ready to be a platoon leader?