Washington, DC Platoon

The Mission Continues Washington DC Service Platoon supports DC schools through a variety of community service projects to include - but not limited to - area beautification, improvements to recreation and learning spaces, community gardens, and mentorship through positive action. The DC Service Platoon also partners with the National Parks Service and National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) throughout the District of Columbia. Our goal is to tackle deferred maintenance and improve visibility and accessibility of the parks for veterans, military families and local residents.


Past events
Washington, DC Platoon | Support Event 
Ward 8 Woods Clean Up Duex
October 2, 2021
Washington, DC Platoon | Special Event 
Operation Enduring Service at Bertie Backus
November 6, 2021
Washington, DC Platoon | Special Event 
Military Women’s Memorial Assistance
November 11, 2021

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