Puerto Rico Platoon

The Mission Continues is a national nonprofit that empowers veterans to continue their service, and empowers communities with veteran talent, skills and preparedness to generate visible impact. United by the common bond of service, service platoons offer veterans and civilians the opportunity to make an impact in their community, and connect with others through regular social and networking events. It’s an opportunity to serve alongside a motivated team and tackle a tough and meaningful mission. It’s an opportunity to make a difference. Led by Puerto Rican veterans, Puerto Rico's 1st Service Platoon is working across the island to assist individuals, families, communities and nonprofits with a special focus on rebuilding, education, well-being and the environment.

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Past events
Puerto Rico Platoon | Prep Event 
Kira’s Zoo Prep
January 31, 2023
Puerto Rico Platoon | Service Project 
2023 MLK Jr. Day National Vega Baja
February 1, 2023
Puerto Rico Platoon | Service Project 
Earth Day 2023
April 22, 2023

Impact Stories from the Field