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Operation Seeds of Hope is a partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland that is working to break the cycle of poverty in Cleveland's Slavic Village Neighborhood. Through this partnership, the Cleveland Platoon works to empower the most at-risk youth in Cleveland to reach their potential as citizens by improving accessibility to youth-focused programs and opportunities. The primary focus is the Broadway Slavic Village Club, where we focus on building and strengthening the Horticulture Program through the enhancement of the children's garden and improvements to the vegetable garden, as well as improving the overall safety and security of their outdoor spaces to help prevent damage and theft. Also encompassed in this work is the support to the creation of a nature conservancy and cleaning/landscaping grounds. For more information, click Join or email the Platoon Leader, Sylvia, at sjames@missioncontinues.org

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Feeding the Homeless - Norma Herr Womens Homeless Shelter

Location: Norma Herr Womens Center 2227 Payne Avenue Cleveland OH 44114

June 10, 2023

11:00 AM - 01:30 PM


Feeding the Homeless - Norma Herr Womens Homeless Shelter

Location: Norma Herr Womens Center 2227 Payne Avenue Cleveland OH 44114

July 8, 2023

11:00 AM - 01:30 PM


Who We Are

The Mission Continues is a national non-profit that empowers veterans to continue serving in our nation’s under-resourced communities, giving veterans the opportunity to keep serving even after the uniform comes off, right here at home. Our programs deploy veterans and volunteers to work alongside nonprofit partners and community leaders to improve educational resources, tackle food insecurity, foster neighborhood identity, and more.  

Who should volunteer?

Our service projects are for all veterans with a desire to continue their service and for all non-veterans that want to be part of a nationwide movement to transform communities. Please note, age and accessibility accommodations can be made at any project. There is room for everyone to make an impact. 

How to volunteer 

Click “Register” under the event and it will take you to the event details that will review in more detail what it entails, when and where the project is located, parking details etc.  

Then click “Attend” to fill in simple volunteer information. You will get an email confirmation and updates about this event through your choice of email and text messages

What is a Service Platoon? 

Service Platoons are your opportunity to engage and connect with veterans and community members while generating community impact in a real and tangible way. Led by veteran volunteer platoon leaders, each platoon works with dedicated community partners and volunteers to provide the manpower and support that they need to help them do their work more effectively. 

We currently have service platoons in more than 40+ cities across the country that are having events at least once a month. Everyone is invited to serve, regardless of veteran status: a service platoon is for you if you have a passion for service. 

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