Serve to Fight Food Insecurity

No TMC project in your area? No problem! There are many organizations who could use support fighting food insecurity. Check with your local food bank, pantry, or shelters to see if you can help serve meals or package food and sign up to volunteer at an event that has COVID safety plans in place!

Serve to Fight Food Insecurity


Below are a few options to serve locally if there is no TMC project in your area.

Serve with a local food bank

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Food insecurity is a growing issue in cities across America. Sort and package nonperishable foods to be distributed in your community.

Feeding America: Find a local foodbank

Volunteer at a Shelter

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Serve hot meals with a local shelter.

Find a local homeless shelter near you

Deliver Meals or Boxes of Food

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Many residents who face food insecurity do not have adequate access to personal or public transportation. Help fight food insecurity by going a step further and delivering hot meals or boxes of food to local residents. Check with your local food bank or Meals on Wheels to find service opportunities in your community.

Feeding America Mobile Food Pantry Programs

Join us for more service opportunities in your home or your community