Service Project

Earth Day 2023 Old Nursery Campground "El Yunque National Forest"

April 22, 2023  08:00 AM-05:00 PM


Old Nursery Campground

Rio Grande, PR

Event Overview

Earth Day theme this year is to “Invest in our Planet” which is focused on engaging governments, institutions, civil society, business and the more than one billion citizens who participate Nationwide to do their part and here in The Mission Continues we are ready to help for this worthy cause. What better way to help the planet than to collaborate in our very own El Yunque National Rainforest. With this Service Project in mind, we will be cleaning and improving the Old Nursery Campground which offers a camping area ideal for larger groups and it is currently closed. It was once one of the largest camps in El Yunque during the Civilian Conservation Corps Era in the 1930s. El Yunque is planning to reopen limited numbers of campsites in the future, but they need our help. That is why we are partnering with Love in Motion & the Forest Service for Earth Day so we can expand, maintain and improve the Old Nursery Campground located in the beautiful El Yunque National Forest in Rio Grande. Currently the campground needs to be cleared of vegetation, the safe dismantled of wooden structure, assembling of wooden frame for Pods that need to be filled with three layers of gravel (gavion rock, inch sized gravel and finner gravel) to expand or build six tent pads within others. This Service Project will have many Benefits for the community in general after Service Project is completed and FS reopens this space to the public but most importantly, we can celebrate we have helped out in this renewed location to be in gatherings with friends and family and that it can be used for Outdoor Recreation purposes that will in turn help our Veteran community in their holistic way of improving their mental health. Come Join us in Nature for a Day of Service.

What To Wear

TMC blues;Clothes that can get dirty;Closed-Toe Shoes

What to Bring

Can-Do-Attitude, bring a change of clothes


Free parking on-site

Parking Address

Please Park at the Portal de El Yunque, there will be a vehicle used as a trolley to site.

Inclement Weather

May vary since at Rainforest


Uneven terrain

Who’s Invited

Groups;Kids (under 13);Teens;Adults (21+);Seniors (55+);Adults (18+)

Puerto Rico Platoon

Event Contact:  Elizabeth Martinez Gonzalez

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