Service Project

9/11 Day of Service

September 14,2019 07:00 AM-01:00 PM


Cancha Tanamá Valle/Centro Comunal

18°13'02.2"N 66°45'44.4"W
Adjuntas, PR 00601

Event Overview

The Mission Continues is partnering with Starbucks on an incredibly impactful day of service. We are partnering with a local farm to help plant hundreds of coffee trees. The coffee farming industry was deeply affected by Hurricane Maria, so this is a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to help the island rebuild and thrive. On this day of service, we will help 3 farmers with restoring the coffee trees that were destroyed by Hurricane Maria and plant up to 3,600 trees in under 4 hours. We will meet at Centro Communal Tanamá 8:00am and board buses to the three different farms we'll be working at in Adjuntas that are less than 10 minutes away from our meet up location. Starbucks is setting up a shuttle bus for anyone in the San Juan area who want a free ride to and from the service project. Stay tuned for more details on meet up location and time. We hope you can make it!

What To Wear

TMC blue shirts

What to Bring


Inclement Weather

Puerto Rico Platoon

Event Contact:  Vu Nguyen
(917) 414-2530

Impact Stories from the Field