TMC ClickUp Requests

We are thrilled to present this system to you to simplify your creative request process and help you oversee your project status and maintain a one-stop place for all our collaborative communications.

This system will also help the Marcomm department to manage your projects with efficiency.

We use to manage and collaborate on your projects. To receive immediate status updates and communications, please sign up for your free account using your organization’s email address. Upon receipt of your creative request, we will set you up with your own project dashboard.

Please Select a Request Form Below

Creative Design Request

Submit a creative design request and transform your idea into fruition. Please provide as many details as you can.


Website Request

This form is to be used for any website changes and updates, including adding new campaign pages, landing pages, platoon/event issues, sponsor updates, and general content updates.


Social Post Request

This form is to be used for requesting specific content to be posted out socials. You will have options for specific channels and tagging related sponsors or people associated with the post.


Email & Text/SMS Request

If there is a specific email or text that needs to be sent out, please use this form to fill out the details of the request.


Project Status Dashboards

For your convenience, you can view the status of your project without logging into ClickUp. Click the dashboard link below that best represents the nature of your project and locate your project on the list. From there you can view details about your request including the status and whom to contact if you have any questions.

  • Communications
    • (Storytelling, media relations, podcast, and website projects)
  • Development
    • (Individual giving stewardship and individual giving solicitation)
  • Marketing
    • (Creative requests, email/text calendar, paid advertising, social media, and campaign planning)