Veterans in Action: Operation District Drilldown Takes on DC’s Community Challenges

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Week-long event deploys veterans alongside community partners to undertake transformative projects in Wards 7 and 8

WASHINGTON DC – The Mission Continues, a national veteran service organization, is proud to announce Operation District Drilldown, the non-profit organization’s 7th Annual Mass Deployment event. This week-long service initiative will unite veterans, local partners, and volunteers in Washington DC from June 23-28 to engage in transformative community projects. 

Operation District Drilldown will take place in Wards 7 and 8, partnering with six local organizations committed to making a lasting impact. The event aims to address the needs of under-resourced communities and create positive change in collaboration with those directly affected. 

“This year we are thrilled to be bringing our annual Mass Deployment program to the great city of Washington DC for a week of veteran-led community impact,” said Mary Beth Bruggeman, Marine Corps veteran and President of The Mission Continues. “Our seventh annual Mass Deployment, Operation District Drilldown, will showcase the deep commitment and staying power of our veterans, and we are proud to be serving, once again, alongside our community partners, neighbors, and supporters as we continue our mission in DC.”   

The action-packed schedule begins on day one at Fort Dupont Community Gardens and Park, a vital green space along the Anacostia River. This historically significant location, undergoing restoration and recreation efforts, symbolizes the resilience and commitment to revitalizing the community. 

Sousa Middle School will be the focus on day three, offering STEAM-focused programming that empowers students to engage in meaningful projects and problem-solving. 

Day four will see participants convening at both Kramer Middle School and Anacostia High School. These institutions, committed to educational success and fostering community engagement, provide a nurturing environment for students to excel. 

The event concludes on day five at Anacostia Park, where the Mass Deployment participants will further contribute to the revitalization and restoration efforts of this important green space, bridging the gap between the city and the river. 

Operation District Drilldown embodies The Mission Continues’ commitment to empowering veterans as community-based leaders. By combining their unique skill sets with the dedication of local partners and volunteers, this initiative generates visible community impact while fostering personal growth and connection for veterans. This important work is only possible due to the continued support and dedication of our valued partners Lockheed Martin, the Washington Commanders, Coca-Cola, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., the University of the District of Columbia, and the Baltimore ToolBank.

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About The Mission Continues: 

The Mission Continues is a national veterans organization that empowers veterans as community-based leaders. Through skill development and a growing veteran volunteer movement, the organization drives positive change in under-resourced communities. In partnership with nonprofit organizations and community leaders, veterans are deployed in over 40 cities nationwide to enhance educational resources, address food insecurity, improve access to parks and green spaces, nurture neighborhood identity, and more. The Mission Continues’ work is made possible through the support of mission partners. 

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