Uniting for a Cause: Veterans and Volunteers Honor Fallen Heroes for Wreaths Across America

Dec 20, 2023

In a powerful display of unity and remembrance, veterans and volunteers from our local service platoons came together to honor fallen heroes by laying wreaths at their final resting places. This gesture, simple yet profound, is one way of honoring those who have bravely served our country. The annual tradition is a testament to the sacrifices made by those who served, and a celebration of the bonds formed through service. 

The Essence of the Tribute 

Each wreath, a symbol of our respect and gratitude, was laid with care by veterans and volunteers who understand the depth of sacrifice made by their fellow servicemen and women. In cemeteries both large and small, we saw communities unite, bound by the common goal of honoring those who have bravely served our nation.

In reflecting on the significance of the event, Air Force veteran and Dallas Fort Worth Service Platoon Leader Lillian Gregory shared what it means to serve and the deep respect we owe to those who have given so much for our nation. “Veterans here in this historic cemetery and at cemeteries and locations around the world are part of 1% of Americans who have offered themselves and their lives in service to protect and defend the greatest nation and the greatest values of freedom, democracy, and dignity that we hold dear here at home and around the world,” said Gregory. “We are proud of their service, and we are humbled by their sacrifice.”

We extend our deepest gratitude to the veterans and volunteers from our local service platoons who came together to honor our fallen heroes. Their heartfelt dedication and act of remembrance is a true testament to the spirit of community and service that defines ‘The Mission Continues.’

Veterans Looking Ahead: Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy of Service 

As we reflect on the profound impact of our participation in the annual Wreaths Across America event, we also look forward to our next National Day of Service campaign honoring Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy of Service. This upcoming event is yet another opportunity for veterans and volunteers to come together and contribute to their communities, continuing the legacy of those who have served before us. 

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