Lead a Service Revolution with the Service Leadership Corps

Jul 3, 2019

By Matt Landis, Service Leadership Corps advisor

It’s not controversial at this point to say that our nation is undergoing transformation, and the fight to define the path we take is having an enormous impact in every community around the country. 

In our best moments as a nation, we’ve tapped military veterans as central players in those transformations, leaders at every level, from national strategy to community service. The time is here for another cohort of military leaders to enter the arena, to put their collective fingers on the scales and help define a path forward for the nation, to help work towards a more unified future. 

Our first cohort of the Service Leadership Corps

If you’ve done any work with our service platoons or attended a national event, you’ve seen what it looks like when a community comes together around at least one idea for that future: service. We are a diverse bunch with as many opinions as there are people, but one idea we all share is that service is medicine, a salve for the servant, the community, and collectively, our society. 

We need a lot more of that healing, and quick. We need a service revolution.

Somebody has to lead that revolution. Lots of somebodies. 

The Mission Continues believes veterans are the best suited for the moment, because we’re flexible, and highly adaptable. We understand the value of diversity and have lived it. We’ve seen the full spectrum of national issues and the consequences of policy at all levels, good and bad. We are technically savvy and can keep pace with change. We didn’t sign up to be nation-builders or community organizers, but we sure took a swing at it when asked. 

We know how to fight for what we believe, and defend what we love. 

We were built for this by the work we’ve done.  

Service Leadership Corps members problem-solving using Human-Centered Design

The Service Leadership Corps is a program meant to tap into the incredible resource that is our military veterans, and prepare them to lead these revolutions in their communities. The training we deliver equips leaders with modern techniques and tools like Asset-Based Community Development and Human-Centered Design for their analyses. 

We help leaders develop their public speaking skills, and an authentic voice for advocacy and storytelling. We train our leaders to be warrior-monks with a robust curriculum in mindfulness and wellness. We bring them together four times to put it all into practice, real-time in real communities. 

Matt Landis and Service Leadership Corps members doing a self-care mapping exercise.

Very simply, we take highly-capable military leaders and convert them into highly effective community-based leaders, prepared to employ the most effective weapons in their new battlespace. 

It is my sincere hope that you’ll be one of those leaders, that you’ll take up the banner and serve again in this new capacity. Whatever your passion, I hope that you’ll bring it to us and let us help you shape it into impact. 

We are igniting a service revolution. I hope you’ll help lead it. 

Applications for the Service Leadership Corps close July 12th. Apply today!