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Build JW Peavey Trail & Mural Part II

June 17, 2017 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

JW Peavey Trail

7300 JW Peavey
Houston, TX 77011

Contact :

Monique Rodriguez
(832) 275-9710
In partnership with the Greater East End Management District and HOBY, 5th Platoon will help build and create a new trail along 7200 block of JW Peavey connecting Hidalgo (Mexican) Park. We will also assist in creating a new mural along the open wall on the same block.

Currently, the street is being used frequently with runners and cyclist including children. The area is a frequent dump site for tires, and waste since it is in the back of the community, away from frequent vehicle traffic. We'd like to create a safe public space for pedestrians and cyclists to utilize and deter individuals from dumping.

This is a two weekend project given the scope of work. Breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and TMC t-shirts will be provided.

TEAM GREEN: Clearing and Beautification will be responsible for helping to finish previous weekend’s project of clearing overgrown greenery along the trail. Trimming, cutting, weeding, raking, and breaking down tree branches and limbs. Team will also be picking up any trash and debris in efforts to beautify the area. Team will have leather gloves to protect their hands.

TEAM BLUE: Painting will be responsible for helping to paint the nearby wall with the predetermined design. Paint, paint brushes, latex gloves, paint trays, and roller cages will be provided.

TEAM BROWN: Trail Construction will follow Team Green: Clearing and Beautification completed work. Team Brown will transport in wheel barrows the chips and mulch that were created from overgrown greenery and pour into the existing abandon railroad track along the road.

TEAM RED: Safety will provide support to all teams to ensure everyone is safe throughout the day. Team members will pass out water, sport drinks, and snacks to all members throughout the day to ensure everyone stays hydrated and nourished. Team members will also pass out wet, cool cloths to all members to be placed on their heads and necks to keep body temperatures cool.

Family friendly, children welcome.

What To Wear :

Clothes that can get dirty, closed toe shoes that you can get dirty. A TMC shirt will be provided to you at registration if you do not already have one.

What To Bring :

Plenty of street parking including near Hidalgo Park.

Parking :

Your energy!

Inclement Weather Plan :

Project will be moved forward one day.