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OC3 Day 2 - Farring-Baybrook Park Path

June 23, 2019 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Farring-Baybrook Park

4300 W Bay Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21225

Contact :

Katie Kilby
(703) 209-4094
Where We’re Serving

Farring Baybrook Park sits between the Brooklyn and Curtis Bay neighborhoods in South Baltimore and is one of the largest green spaces in the city. Named after Brooklyn community activist, Maree Farring, the park has a long history including as a former home to WWII barracks for wartime workers. Covering over 100 acres, areas of the park remain underutilized and under-maintained despite recent community efforts, resulting in trash build-up. As a bridge between neighborhoods, the park has been a shared space for local residents and has the potential to provide greater connection to local facilities for residents. An ecologically important, but isolated-feeling connection point is through a wooded stream corridor that links recreational buildings, educational buildings, and housing.

Why We’re Serving

A brand new Bay-Brook Elementary/Middle School building will be opening in 2020 on the western side of the park. For middle school students from Curtis Bay (the eastern side of the park) attending Bay-Brook, this means a longer commute and many will walk through the wooded corridor. Although residents use the poorly marked and overgrown path, it is a site for dumping and other illegal activity. The “short-cut” poses safety concerns for students. With support from the Baltimore City Department of City Planning/ INSPIRE program, Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, the Greater Baybrook Alliance, and local parents and residents, we will remove barriers and create safe pathways for hundreds of students traveling between the Curtis Bay neighborhood, the new Bay-Brook Elementary/Middle School, and recreation facilities.

What We’ll Be Doing

Together with our partners, we will spend the day serving to:
- Clean up the site with extensive overgrowth and trash removal for safe passage
- Fill in the walkway and repair benches to create a marked and enjoyable walk to school
- Landscape and paint murals to beautify and brighten up the path