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OC3 Day 1: Harlem Park West

June 22, 2019 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Roots and Branches School

1807 Harlem Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217

Contact :

Katie Kilby
(703) 209-4094
Where We’re Serving

Harlem Park West is a neighborhood full of potential, and actively taking steps towards community-led development and revitalization. Historic 3-story row homes line the streets ready for repair, and empty green space awaits gardens to be planted and harvested for local use. The community has a strong history of local activism, while also struggling with social issues such as poverty, violence and unemployment. Once considered a thriving home to mixed-income families, today many residents are faced with urban blight and a lack of critical resources. In 2015, a group of dedicated residents stepped up to lead from within; creating the Harlem Park West (HPW) Community Association to help unify and restore the neighborhood. A long-term partner of The Mission Continues, HPW Community Association is helping to steer the community towards positive change as part of a greater ongoing movement throughout the city to fight for a better, thriving Baltimore.

Why We’re Serving

This project is a continuation of our four-year partnership with Harlem Park West (HPW) Community Association. To date, our local service platoons have helped to transform green spaces, spruce up blighted buildings, and supported the learning efforts of local public school children throughout the community. In their efforts to revitalize the neighborhood, HPW Community Association is working to mobilize and inspire residents into action. Our service is not only an opportunity to impact and empower the community but also an outpouring of support for residents working day-to-day for positive change.

What We’ll Be Doing

Together with our partners, we will spend the day serving to:
- Makeover vacant lots with art installations, murals, and landscaping to prevent illegal dumping
- Create a park complete with gathering areas and games for local seniors to enjoy
- Face lift for the former Roots and Branches School with exterior painting and fence repair