Service Project

9/11 Remembrance Service Day - Thomas Edison High School Facilities Upgrade

September 15, 2018  09:00 AM-05:00 PM


Thomas Edison High School

Thomas Edison High School 151 W. Luzerne St.
Philadelphia, PA 19140

Event Overview

It’s time to Kick this into 5th gear! This will be our biggest project of the year! Thanks to our partners at Starbucks and students and staff at Thomas Edison High School, we will be taking on a BIG challenge and resurfacing old, unused tennis courts on the school campus into new, usable tennis courts and outdoor basketball courts! We will also be taking on other projects at the school to help expand recreational and educational resources to the students at Edison High School! We will be painting, building, digging, sorting, organizing, and much, much more! Something for everyone, open to all ages and abilities. Lunch will be provided. Please make sure to register to ensure we have enough food, and work to go around! This will be Anthony Fedeles last project as Platoon Leader for the #Philly1stPlt so make sure to come out and have some fun!

What To Wear

TMC Blue shirts, clothes that you will be comfortable with getting dirty in.

What to Bring

A great attitude and desire to serve!

Parking Information

Free parking lot on site

Inclement Weather

Haha…really? Rain or shine!

Philadelphia Platoon

Event Contact:  Anthony Fedele
(856) 332-8330

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