Veterans Day and Beyond: The Mission Continues’ Role in Driving Volunteer Impact

Nov 22, 2023

Throughout the month-long Veterans Day campaign, Veterans in Service, The Mission Continues brought together veterans and community members to drive change and foster lasting community bonds. The campaign featured impactful community service projects in key cities across the country. Let’s take a moment to recap some of the notable projects that took place during this inspiring initiative.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our presenting sponsor, Navy Federal Credit Union, for their generous support of the Veterans in Service campaign. With their support, veterans have taken on leadership roles and created meaningful change through community impact projects.

St. Louis

Under the leadership of Platoon Leader and Army veteran Kenric S. Lynn, the service project at George Washington Carver Farms was a resounding success for the St. Louis Platoon. Veterans and volunteers rallied to support Ujima, an innovative non-profit offering a pay-what-you-can model to promote equitable access to food, education, and employment. With a focus on Food Justice, Youth Empowerment, and Environmental Stewardship, the service project project showcased a profound dedication to community enrichment and sustainable growth. Volunteer with the STL Platoon!

Washington DC

Navy veteran Darren Thompson, serving as the Washington DC Platoon Leader, led an impactful service project at Fields 4 Valor Farms, a venture aimed at combating veteran hunger in the DC area. Under his leadership, the DC Platoon, in collaboration with the ‘Chief’s’ team from Andrews Air Force Base, dedicated their efforts to support the farm. This community impact project is part of Fields 4 Valor’s broader mission, which includes growing and delivering fresh produce, eggs, and honey to veteran families, along with providing housing, employment, and training opportunities for veterans. Thompson’s leadership and the DC Platoon’s involvement underscore their commitment to empowering the veteran community through sustainable agriculture and support programs. Volunteer with the DC Platoon!

San Antonio

The community impact project led by Army veteran Richard Diaz, the dedicated Platoon Leader of The Mission Continues – San Antonio in partnership with the Texas Diaper Bank, showcased a remarkable blend of leadership and volunteer spirit. The veterans and volunteers, driven by Diaz’s vision and commitment, played a crucial role in addressing key child health issues such as diaper rash and urinary tract infections, which are significant concerns in pediatric healthcare. The collaboration not only brought much-needed assistance to the Texas Diaper Bank but also highlighted the collective power of community service. The volunteers’ enthusiasm and hard work, combined with Diaz’s strategic direction, stands as a testament to the effectiveness of veteran-led community service initiatives and the difference they can make. Volunteer with the San Antonio Platoon!

Los Angeles

Richard Macintosh, an Army veteran and Platoon Leader of The Mission Continues’ Los Angeles Platoon, led a community project at Augustus Hawkins High School. Together with a team of veterans and community volunteers, they built outdoor tables and planter benches, enhancing the school’s learning environment. The diverse group of volunteers, comprising veterans from various branches and eras, demonstrated unity and commitment to the cause. The impact on the school was significant. The staff and students expressed deep gratitude for the improvements to their educational space. This project not only beautified the school garden but also provided functional outdoor areas for student learning. This initiative showcased the positive effects of veterans and community members working together, reflecting the ongoing dedication of veterans to serve their communities beyond their military tenure. Volunteer with the Los Angeles Platoon!


In a heartfelt tribute to Veterans Day, the NYC Platoon led by veteran platoon leaders Wesley Huang, Daquane Mays, and Lawrence Kseiz, came together for a significant project at Doris Miller American Legion Post 213 in Brooklyn. This collaborative effort resulted in a major transformation, including a full-scale paint renovation of Suite 10, the crafting of three new benches in anticipation of better weather, and an extensive cleanup of the Legion’s front area. The photos scarcely do justice to the day’s hard work and achievements. A profound thank you to every participant, especially our veterans, whose leadership and dedication were instrumental in surpassing our goals. Volunteer with the NYC Platoon!


Led by Army veteran Rogelio Villa of The Mission Continues’ Chicago Service Platoon, veterans and volunteers supported ‘A Blessing Hand’ food pantry at Monarcas Academy, formerly Tonti Elementary. Their involvement helped distribute food donations to the community, bringing warmth and nourishment to those in need. Every hand made a difference and many joined to be part of this impactful change — where their dedication and selfless service inspired and motivated others. Together, they made a positive impact! Volunteer with the Chicago Platoon!

These are just a few examples of the impactful community service projects that took place during the Veterans in Service campaign. In cities across the country, veterans and community members united to make a tangible difference in their communities. Through community service projects, veterans formed lasting bonds and found purpose in their transition to civilian life. The impact of this initiative will extend beyond the projects themselves, shaping and strengthening communities for years to come.

We are grateful for Navy Federal Credit Union’s partnership and shared vision of empowering veterans and transforming communities. Together, we have shown the power of collaboration and the potential of veterans to make a positive difference.

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