The “Why” Behind our Annual Survey

Feb 15, 2019

By Heather Pekios, staff member

If you’re reading this, then you have likely received an email from our Research & Evaluation team requesting your feedback on our third Annual Survey. In the past, we asked about what brought you to The Mission Continues and how your participation has impacted you.

You helped us develop the  Empowered Veteran Index framework and focus our programming on connectedness, personal growth, and community impact.

Your insights also helped our programs become better. We listened to what is working and what is not to make improvements to our existing programs like Mass Deployment. It also led to the launch of our Service Leadership Corps when we saw the desire of our veterans wanting to serve in a new way.

In short, survey respondents have helped us to become stronger as an organization, to strengthen our programs that are empowering veterans as community based leaders, and to become even more inclusive as an organization.

Below are some FAQs regarding reasons this survey is so important to us and to those we serve with. Please read through and then complete the survey. If you have questions, please contact Gina Rosen, Director of Research & Evaluation, at  

You play a vital role in transforming communities across the country – thank you for choosing to be a part of our crew.

Did someone say Starbucks?!

We did! If you’re one of the first 1,500 respondents to complete the survey, then you’ll receive a Starbucks gift card. Make sure to complete the whole survey to ensure you sign up to receive your gift card.

Okay, but how long will this take?

On average, the survey should take just 10-15 minutes to complete. And it is computer, tablet, and mobile friendly.

How important is this survey?

This survey is incredibly important to strengthening our impact with veterans and in the communities where we serve. Your feedback and opinions help inform our future decisions. As someone who is connected to the veteran community and to deserving communities where we serve, you hold valuable and unique insights from which we are eager to learn.

Who sees my responses?

Your responses are strictly confidential (i.e., only our Research & Evaluation team has access to your responses). Trust and Respect are two of our Core Values – we respect your right to share your thoughts candidly and highly regard the trust you communicate you have in us when completing the survey.

How is my feedback used?

Every year, we create an annual report where we compile information, and we use it to communicate areas of strength (which we continue to build upon) as well as areas that are opportunities for growth, which will help us to continue to grow even stronger. This information helps our organization to collaborate in strengthening our work with veterans and community members across the country in a well-rounded way.

When do I need to complete the survey?

We have extended the deadline to give everyone a chance to respond. Please make your voice heard by Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

Thank You!

We realize that it is important to pause and reflect on your contributions to your community and to say thank you – to you as members of The Mission Continues family – for taking the survey and for all the volunteering you’ve done. The impact you have made on the communities where we work has been significant.

In fact, we have found through our research that:

  • We have operations in 75 communities where we are committed to a long-term investment
  • Over 87% of our planned work has been completed to-date, and we continue to add more plans for the future
  • 94% of our participants believe they are able to make an impact in their community because of their participation with TMC
  • 90% are more connected to others, citing they would help a fellow TMC participant in need
  • 65% of participants are still seeking opportunities to continue serving

Your participation in surveys like the Annual Survey leads to better programs and better impact. Our community impact has grown stronger because of what respondents have shared on previous surveys, and we are excited to continue to learn how we can even better support you as your continue your path of service in your community.

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