Run as One: Building Communities One Stride at a Time

Feb 24, 2015

Our communities work better when we work together. It’s a core belief of what we do at The Mission Continues, and it expands beyond the impact of our programs. We also partner with other great veterans organizations that share our passion for service, community and camaraderie.

Click on the graphic above to register now.

Click on the graphic above to register now.

That’s why we’re working alongside Team Rubicon and Team Red, White & Blue for the 4th Annual Run as One on Saturday, March 28, in over 100 cities nationwide (hit the link or the photo above to register now). The 5K runs began as a tribute to Clay Hunt, a Marine Corps veteran, Mission Continues Fellow and original member of Team Rubicon. Clay took his life as he struggled with reintegration, and his spirit is a reminder of how vital community support can be for folks who leave the strong bonds of the military.

Run as One 2014. Courtesy Sean Horgan.

So we want you to come out and bring everyone with you–your service platoon, your veteran buddies, your neighbor and your dog. And perhaps most importantly, bring your civilian friends who may not have had much exposure to veterans. This is a great opportunity to grow our community and share what we’re all about with a new crowd.

The good news: it’s free to attend, and only 15 bucks if you want sport an awesome Run as One shirt. And if you make an optional donation, all three groups split the proceeds, so leave something in the tip jar if you’re feeling generous.

Once you get signed up, the local coordinator will get you squared away with details, but if you have some questions before that, find your region and drop them a line.

If you’ve been looking for a chance to meet new people who share your values and passion for continued service, this is it. Sign up now, and we hope to see you there.

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