One year on, our work continues

May 25, 2021, marks the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder. His death was a watershed moment for our country and sparked difficult and important conversations and heightened awareness within The Mission Continues team, our veteran leaders, and local community partners. We found that many of our veterans wanted to discuss the systemic racism that they, their fellow veterans and their communities personally experience and regularly encounter. All of our veteran leaders wanted to learn more and find solutions to understand the role they can play in affecting change in the communities where they serve.

In the year since, it has become more apparent than ever that our mission to connect veteran volunteers with local efforts to create meaningful change in, with, and for under-resourced communities is inexorably intertwined with equity. This understanding inspires us as an organization striving to make a positive impact. We have much more work to do now to ensure that conversation and inspiration translate into tangible action.

We are proud that at our core our mission is one driven by the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are equally humbled that so many veterans of historically marginalized communities have chosen to dedicate their time and talent to The Mission Continues in order to make a positive difference for their communities and each other. We reaffirm that it is a privilege to serve with veteran and community leaders who are also committed to this work.