Mission Readiness for Recovery

Apr 9, 2020

Over the last week, it’s become even more clear that the effects of COVID-19 will plague our most under-resourced communities long after this deadly virus has been contained. The Mission Continues has forged deep relationships with local organizations serving the most vulnerable communities across the country, and is positioned to add much-needed capacity to aid our partners. While our veterans are not on the front lines today, they are not sitting idle.

While we are physically distancing and encouraging our veterans to stay home and safe, The Mission Continues team is focusing efforts on adapting, training and preparing for the recovery phase of this pandemic. When healthcare workers, first responders, and educators finally have their chance to rest, they can hand us the baton—confident we will be revitalized and ready to spring into action to complete the mission.

Our focus is on preparing for the recovery ahead, and here are some of the actions we’re taking:

  • Even through physical distancing, we are continuing to connect veterans and volunteers across the country. This month alone, we’ve hosted or scheduled 37 social events to include movie nights, game nights, and book club gatherings. These events are attracting familiar faces and new veterans to our ranks, and are an innovative way to continue to grow our movement. Check out ways to get connected to veterans in your community here.
  • On April 22, we’re mobilizing veterans and volunteers across the country for Earth Day and are challenging everyone to take a pledge of service to do your part to honor the planet.
  • While physical distancing is pushing all of us to the limit of our comfort zones, we can still prevent unnecessary social isolation and ensure that veterans are connected to the resources they need. In the last week, our platoon leadership network activated to perform over 2,000 virtual buddy checks with platoon members across the country. You can get connected to veterans in your community here.

When our healthcare workers win this fight—and they will win this fight—the frontlines will shift and the next battle will come right back to our communities. Our country will need strong and ready leaders to drive the long process of recovery.

Like our service in communities across this country, I consider this “great pause” a privilege. We do not intend to squander an opportunity to sharpen our skills, learn new competencies and develop plans to tackle the most pressing issues that emerge.

Charlie Mike,

Mary Beth Bruggeman
President, The Mission Continues

Our veterans are a powerful resource when called upon to serve. Please consider a donation to equip our veterans and communities as they prepare to aid in the COVID-19 recovery.