A Look Back at #ServiceSummit

Nov 12, 2014

November 11, 2014


There were countless words of wisdom and proactive discussions during our first annual Service Platoon Summit, but one sentence really wrapped it up:

“We’re proud to be stewards of our communities.”

That was Phoenix Service Platoon Leader Rachel Gutierrez speaking about the role and responsibility of service platoon leaders at The Mission Continues. Nearly 50 platoon and squad leaders represented all 30 service platoons in Boston for a weekend of leadership growth, best practice development and lessons learned from the first year of the program.


Gen. Dana Born addresses #ServiceSummit attendees.

Our veteran leaders came away with vital tools given by great leaders, including retired Air Force General Dana Born, a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. The renowned school hosted our discussion panels capped with tour on campus.

The Service Platoon Summit couldn’t have been possible without the generous support of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, our lead sponsor for the event, as well as Southwest Airlines and Bain Capital. The Kennedy School was a great host for our learning lessons.


Washington, D.C. Service Platoon Leaders after at #ServiceSummit.

It’s Veterans Day today, when parades and concerts will end. But the platoon and squad leaders captured a sense of leadership, purpose, and camaraderie in Boston that they’ll take back to their communities across the country. We look forward to seeing their platoons grow.

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