Huddle for 100: NFL Teams Join The Mission Continues in Service

Jun 19, 2019

On Saturday June 8th, the Miami Dolphins joined The Mission Continues Miami 1st Service Platoon for an impactful service event benefiting local parks.

The Dolphins recently chose The Mission Continues as their local community veteran partner as part of a larger NFL initiative, Huddle for 100. This is a national campaign aimed at involving NFL teams in volunteer service in honor of the 100th anniversary of the NFL.

The service project took place at a youth football clinic in partnership with Miami Dade Parks and Wounded Warrior Project.

Big thanks to the 120 adult volunteers and 78 youth volunteers who came out to help make this day great! Together we totaled 480 combines hours of service.

The end result:

  • 215 bags of mulch spread at entrance
  • 60 cocoplum trees planted
  • 2 football locker rooms completed gutted
  • Breezeway painted
  • Trash picked up around the park
  • 10 park picnic tables restored

The Dolphins weren’t the only team members who joined us for Huddle for 100. On the west coast the Seattle Seahawks joined us for a day of service at the Nisei Veterans Memorial Hall. They helped restore the memorial through activities like landscaping and cleaning.

We are looking forward to more awesome days of service with the Miami Dolphins and the Seattle Seahawks in the future!

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