Heartbroken, but our spirit to fight injustice is not broken: A message from The Mission Continues Executive Team

The recent events in Brunswick, Ga., Louisville, New York City, and Minneapolis—coupled with a seemingly never-ending list of black people killed, injured and threatened with violence across this country—are heartbreaking. At The Mission Continues, we focus on tackling the most pressing issues facing the communities where we serve. Few issues are more pressing today than those of racial inequity and institutional racism.

This is not an us vs. them problem—this is OUR problem. When blatant injustice and hate touch a single community, it touches all of us.

As an organization, we have forged deep relationships with the communities where we serve. Many of those communities are especially hurting today. We respect the responsibility and acknowledge the privilege afforded to us when welcomed to serve alongside them. To those communities, we say, “We do not take that responsibility lightly. We see you, we hear you, and we love and support you.”

We will commit to using our platform to amplify messages of justice, compassion and unity–while also calling out instances of inequity, inequality and injustice. We do not profess to have the answers, but we will strive to be allies in the fight. This is an especially important call to action for those of us who have, and continue to, benefit from the advantages of being in the white majority in this country. We are committed to listening to and working with our communities to find solutions together–because the only way we’re going to end this, is to stand together when injustices occur.

To this team, we especially want to acknowledge the uniquely devastating impact these incidents have on members of our Mission Continues family. We can only imagine the pain these latest events are causing you and see that your grief compounded by the on-going stress caused by COVID must feel overwhelming. Remember you have our support. As leaders, we won’t always get this right, but please do not lose hope. The commitment we make to the communities where we serve, is doubly true for the commitment we make to all of you.

Every day, we are humbled and honored to serve alongside a team of both volunteers and staff who care so deeply about each other and your fellow humans. Your empathy is your strength, both as individuals and together. As always, we’re seeking ways to Learn and Grow, and welcome the opportunity to dialog with you all. Our hope is that we can more skillfully have difficult conversations that lead to deeper understanding around the critical issues facing this country, and ultimately take action as leaders to affect the kind of change our country needs.

Mary Beth