Day 4: Empowering Communities and Veterans Alike in Ward 8

Jun 27, 2023

Day four of Operation District Drilldown sparked a surge of resilience, commitment, and solidarity within Washington DC’s Ward 8. Veterans from all corners of the country converged on Stephen E. Kramer Middle School and Anacostia High School with local volunteers from the surrounding community. Together with our partners from the Washington Commanders, and University of the District of Columbia, we embarked on tasks aimed at bolstering the schools’ agricultural programs and enhancing the positive learning environment for both students and teachers.

This collaborative endeavor expands beyond its immediate physical impact. By nurturing the agricultural programs, we’re cultivating values of environmental stewardship, self-sufficiency, and community service in Ward 8’s future leaders. Our team of crew, ambassadors and ASE team members, with determination in their hearts and soil under their fingernails, brought life to additional garden beds and prepared them for fall planting. With each pepper and squash seed nestled into the earth, hope and resilience took root. Concurrently, the transformation expanded to freshly painted break rooms and lounges and newly constructed picnic tables. Educators from Kramer Middle School expressed their gratitude on behalf of the students and parents of school.

Operation District Drilldown reflects the resilience of the veterans who journeyed to serve, the local volunteers’ determination to effect change, and the strengthened bonds with Ward 8 residents. More than anything, it exemplifies the lasting impact of collective commitment, which is the true essence of The Mission Continues.

As we approach the final day of Operation District Drilldown at Anacostia Park we’re eager to contribute to this beloved recreational spot frequented by numerous Washingtonians. Anacostia Park is a verdant oasis shaped by the McMillan Commission in 1901. This ambitious plan took several decades to transform the Anacostia River into a flourishing park, now brimming with facilities and recreational activities. From roller skating at the covered rink to fishing and boating on the river, to using the Fitness Station, and picnicking at various scenic locations, Anacostia Park is a hub for the Washingtonian community.

In collaboration with our partners the Friends of Anacostia Park, we plan to enhance the park by constructing benches along the trail and near the skate park, assembling picnic tables near the Rec Center, and giving the basketball, pickleball, and shuffleboard sports courts a fresh coat of paint. Be part of the legacy and join us in making a difference!

A BIG thank you goes out to the sponsors of Operation District Drilldown: Lockheed Martin, Washington Commanders, Baltimore ToolBank, and the University of the District of Columbia.