An Update To Our Partners

Mar 6, 2018

March 6, 2018

You may have read about The Mission Continues in the news lately. Unfortunately, not all of the stories have been about the positive impact we’re creating with the veterans and communities we serve.

We want to take this opportunity to speak directly to you about concerns raised regarding the unauthorized use of our resources for Eric Greitens’ political activities. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the Greitens campaign’s action is the disruption it has created. It distracts from the work you and our team have done together to serve communities and veterans.

Your support is important to us, as is your continued confidence in our organization. The following are a few key facts to bring clarity to the situation:

As we have stated from the beginning, The Mission Continues did not provide, nor authorize any use of, our donors’ information to the Greitens campaign or any persons or groups for political or campaign purposes.

In November 2016, The Mission Continues was notified by the Missouri Ethics Commission that the Greitens for Governor campaign had obtained and used a list of The Mission Continues’ donor contacts for political purposes. The list in question was created and saved for legitimate purposes prior to Greitens’ departure from The Mission Continues. Recent reports indicate this list was later transmitted without our knowledge or permission to individuals who would become central to the Greitens for Governor campaign.

We have not been contacted by the Missouri Attorney General’s office regarding the announcement last week related to an inquiry into this matter. Any use of The Mission Continues resources for any political or other unauthorized purpose would violate our policies and the trust we expect from each member of our staff. If contacted, we will work to support the attorney general’s inquiry regarding the misuse of our resources by the Greitens campaign.

Taking Action
We are always moved by our partners’ commitment to The Mission Continues. We want to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to you, our supporters.
  • Put the mission first. Our mission to empower veterans and communities remains clear. We use donations responsibly to prioritize support for programs that advance this work. Supporters can see exactly how their funding is being put to use on our website.
  • Responsible engagement. As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, all of our work, including engagement in community causes, is strictly nonpartisan. Additionally, our team members are required to separate any individual political activity from their work and limit any such engagement to their personal time.
  • Care for your information. The Mission Continues does not share, sell or rent information about our donors to any persons or groups. Not now, not ever. Approximately a year ago we engaged an external consultant who has assessed and strengthened our organization’s data architecture and security protocols to ensure proper security of our internal data.
  • Communicate clearly. We are committed to keeping you connected to our organization through regular updates on our blog, in the annual report, by email and all required nonprofit reporting.
  • Maintain conscientious oversight. We regularly convene our Board of Directors, who help us ensure we are compliant as a nonprofit organization and a best-in-class organization making the biggest impact possible.

The Mission Continues is proud to be backed by a diversity of supporters who are united in their belief that veterans have much more to give to strengthen our communities. Today, we have 79 active operations in more than 40 cities across the country – and have empowered nearly 25,000 veterans in service to their communities. None of this would be possible without the generosity and shared vision of the donors and supporters standing alongside our veterans.

Thank you.

Spencer Kympton
President, The Mission Continues