A New Generation of Veteran Leaders: Service Leadership Corp

Oct 1, 2022

We are proud to have graduated the next generation of veteran leaders from the Service Leadership Corps, an intensive six-month leadership and professional development program designed for veterans who desire to become skilled community-based leaders.

This diverse and rigorous curriculum dives into subjects ranging from Asset-Based Community Development and Cultural Competency to Advocacy, Building Community Partnerships, and more. We have intentionally incorporated these subjects into our leadership programs–because they are indelibly tied to our work in under-resourced communities.

The 48 veterans from across the country who graduated from the Sixth Cohort of SLC are best suited for the moment. These veteran leaders understand the value of diversity and have seen the full spectrum of national issues. They are now highly-capable military leaders who are equipped with the skills to be highly effective community-based leaders. Recap the events of the culminated session/ graduation of the Service Leadership Corps, Cohort 6:

We kicked off the culminating session of the 6th cohort of the Service Leadership Corps with a final project reflection and fireside chat featuring Houston Platoon Leader and Army veteran Bernadette Plumber, Marcus Glenn from Mykawa Farms – Houston ISD, and our operations and development team members.

Then, our veteran leaders were deployed to Mykawa Farm where they learned the elements of a successful service project.

Day 2 of the Service Leadership Corps featured an Alumni Network panel where participants learned how they can continue their service with us.

SLC participants then returned to Mykawa Farm to use what they learned about implementing a successful service project and put it into practice.

On the third and final day of the Service Leadership Corps – Cohort 6, our veteran leaders are reflecting on the growth and learning that took place throughout the session. Our veteran leaders have completed the Service Leadership Corp and are ready to the next step in their commitment to service.

We’re honored to have Tony Martinez — Alumni Board Member, Former Platoon Leader, and Army veteran serve as our keynote speaker.

Congratulations to the dedicated veteran leaders who took the time and energy to push through and complete the Service Leadership Corps.

This newest cohort is now equipped to lead veterans and volunteers to create positive change in their communities across the country.

In our best moments as a nation, we’ve tapped military veterans as central players in those transformations, leaders at every level, from national strategy to community service. The time is here for another cohort of military leaders to enter the arena, to put their collective fingers on the scales and help define a path forward for the nation, to help work towards a more unified future.

If you want to seek out challenges to develop your skills as a community-based leader, rediscover community, your identity and purpose, grow personally and professionally, then consider applying to the next cohort of the Service Leadership Corps when the application window opens again. Until then, Charlie Mike!


Charlie Mike. This military term is code for Continue Mission—pushing through adversity no matter the difficulties. That’s at the heart of The Mission Continues: to never quit until we’ve completed our mission. Today, more than ever, we need your help to push forward. Your continued generosity is essential through this challenging time as we continue our vital work in communities.