Robert Music


Robert Music

Military Affiliations
  • First Responder

MY connection to 9/11
  • I joined the military after 9/11

  • I decided to train to become a first responder (fire, police, EMT) after 9/11

Where were you when you first heard about or saw the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

I was 20 years old and living that college lifestyle, without being a student, in Olympia WA. I remember commotion in the living room and springing to my feet to see what all the hullabaloo was about. One of my roommates stood in front of the TV yelling "They bombed the World Trade Center dude!" I'll never forget his tone. He was very outspoken about the WTO and sounded almost as though a victory of some kind had been won. Perhaps the gravity of what was happening through the box hadn't set in yet but for my part, I was in literal shock. My half sleep became a woken nightmare as I watched people fall. My heart is racing right now at the memory and I'd never be the same.

How did the events of that day shape your life and inspire your service to this country?

The Two Shadows just wouldn't leave. After the events of 9/11 I had flirted with the idea of joining the military but hadn't felt it necessary so I moved on. Having been challenged to see how sharp my quill really was I moved to Los Angeles to pursue college and a career as a writer but them damn shadows. Both of my grandfathers served in the military in WWII, Grampa John in the Army & Grandpa Joe in the navy. Neither of them ever spoke of their experiences and all I ever saw was a greasy boot locker in one of John's garages. The last time we were attacked on our own soil was Pearl Harbor and in response, both of the patriarchs of my family laced up their boots and earned the title "The Greatest Generation." I don't remember who exactly it was, maybe the Sergeant Major of the Army or Secretary of Defense but there was a call to arms. A call to those who had what it took and every time I saw the flag or heard our anthem, the shadows of my grandfathers reminded me what I owed them and soon I was enjoying my vacation at the BEAUTIFUL red sand resort at Ft. Benning, GA.

What are you excited to contribute to your community, however you define it, for the next 20 years?

After graduating from college in 2015 with a BA/BS in creative & technical writing thanks to the GI Bill, I sold all my belongings and bought my first sailboat. Six years later I'm on my sixth boat, SV Shaman, and am preparing to set sail to circumnavigate the globe. I intend to chronicle the entire journey and share it with anyone who for whatever reason cannot.