Juan Antonio Lopez Alamo


Juan Antonio Lopez Alamo

Military Affiliations
  • Military Family Member

MY connection to 9/11
  • I was serving in the military on 9/11

  • I joined the military after 9/11

  • I had a family member serving in the military on 9/11

  • I was living in New York City or Washington, DC on 9/11

Where were you when you first heard about or saw the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

Coming off a train from the Bronx at Wall Street and Broadway.

How did the events of that day shape your life and inspire your service to this country?

I was working at 90 West Street at Edward’s & Kelcey Engineers and also serving with the fighting Irish 1st of the 69th infantry at 25th and Lexington. After several months at Ground Zero, we were selected for security at West Point for a year after I came back in to active service up to April 30th 2020 when I retired

What are you excited to contribute to your community, however you define it, for the next 20 years?

After the great loss suffered by this great nation on that day, we owe an unmeasurable debt to the many who served, are serving, and will serve in the future. I am humbled and honored to have been part of this nation’s history