In a coordinated effort to revitalize the Eastside from a distressed community into sustainable, several organizations have vowed to revitalize the Eastside through economic, educational, residential, and nutrition initiatives3. With a multitude 0f partner organizations involved with The Promise Zone- Eastpoint Initiative, The Mission Continues seeks to supplement the gaps within the plan aimed for completion in 2025. Currently, San Antonio 1st Platoon will support community efforts in Neighborhood Revitalization by partnering with various organizations completing projects that feed into the ultimate goal of a growing sustainable community- starting with a partnership with Gardopia Gardens attacking health disparities of East San Antonio.

The Mission Continues will assist Gardopdia in furthering its mission by executing the expansion of existing community gardens and breaking ground on the new donated lots. Currently Gardopia’s functioning garden is located on a rented lot where the ownership was recently transferred and the new property owner cannot be contacted. That said, this proposes a threat to the organization as the area around their location is being rehabilitated and their current location could be shut down. Gardopia is currently seeking a new location where San Antonio 1st Platoon will help relocate the garden and rebuild structures within. Alongside relocating the main garden, SA 1st Platoon will also assist Gardopia in building the structure for a new gardens in East San Antonio and San Antonio ISD. To support Gardopia’s current gardens, San Antonio 1st will visit each school that houses a community garden and bring the structures back up to standards that allow for functionality and use.

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