The Mission Continues 1st Platoon Los Angeles works in the heart of the LA Promise Zone taking action to improve neighborhoods in Los Angeles by improving school grounds and fostering educational opportunities for the youth in underserved neighborhoods.

The Promise Zone is located within Central Los Angeles and includes the neighborhoods of Hollywood, East Hollywood, Koreatown, Pico Union and Westlake. The Zone is home to approximately 165,000 residents, of whom 35% live in poverty (compared to 20% city-wide). Nearly one-quarter of Promise Zone households earn less than $15,000 each year, and educational attainment for adults is weak with 35% of the population 25 years of age and older having obtained less than a high school diploma. The Promise Zone also has alarming high school dropout rates, high unemployment, and a shortage of affordable housing. The Promise Zone is home to large immigrant populations from Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe.

In 2015, 1st Platoon became formal partners with the Promise Zone. They have partnered with the Youth Policy Institute to create safe and beautiful passageway through Lemon Grove Park, supported the LA Beautification Team's large tree-planting initiative, supported EnrichLA's vital community garden project at Dayton Heights Elementary School, and worked with City Parks and Recreation to create community gardens and a safe outdoor space for Las Palmas Senior Center. We will continue to deploy our platoon members as we work towards community youth development.

Check out the video below. The platoon mobilized to refurbish the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center, an organization that offers after-school athletic and academic programs to keep youth off the streets.

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