Houston's 4th platoon is led by Air Force veteran Amariee Collins. This platoon has partnered with Recipe for Success to address childhood obesity and food deserts in the Houston area by focusing on community farming.

Food deserts comprise large sections of Houston, especially low-income areas like Sunnyside; in these communities, residents live more than a mile from grocery stores that have healthy and affordable food options. While living one mile from a grocery store may mean taking a quick drive for many people, it can be a time-consuming process for residents who lack consistent access to personal or public transportation. Increasing access to healthy and affordable food is crucial for local community members. An array of challenges are likely to develop among individuals who do not have access to healthy food. For example, there is a link between childhood obesity and certain health disorders affected by living in such food deserts. The Harris County Community Transformation Initiative reported the Sunnyside community as having one of the poorest availability of fruits and vegetables compared to other communities in Houston.

The Mission Continues will conduct service projects in Sunnyside, specifically with Recipe for Success in order to increase residents’ access to healthy and affordable food. The nonprofit organization Recipe for Success launched in 2005 and is a leader in combatting childhood obesity by changing the way children understand and appreciate food. We will begin our work by building Hope Farms, a 7-acre urban farm that integrates growing crops, education, and community engagement by generating significant crops in one of the city’s largest food deserts. Volunteers will become subject matter experts in building farms and/or gardens; they will then be equipped to both work in other food deserts in the future and support other Houston platoons when this skillset is needed.

Please join us as we strive to decrease food deserts and promote healthy living within the Houston community.

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