Houston's 2nd Service Platoon, led by Navy veteran Hector Giron, is actively engaged in preserving the cultural identity of the Independence Heights community.

This historical African American community dates back to the early 1900s and was known as Houston’s little Harlem. Now that the community is gentrifying, residents have become displaced and homes have become eyesores due to the emergence of new housing developments. Additionally, the focus on education is very important as only 47% of residents, 18 and over, graduated high school, and 11% completed a bachelor’s degree or higher, which is 22% lower than of Houston metro. Local schools have started to focus on a STEM curriculum to combat these socio-economic cycles.

The Mission Continues will conduct service projects at local schools that will aide in students' learning experiences, and will support and create service projects with the community’s redevelopment council that will help empower native residents to take a stake in their community despite the inevitable reconstruction of their neighborhood.

Please join us as we help preserve the cultural identity of Independence Heights.

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