Manager, Project Operations

Elkhorn, WI

Most rewarding thing about working here?

So far the most rewarding thing about working at The Mission Continues has been my coworkers. Everyone that I have met to this point has been extremely welcoming and accommodating, additionally the ability to work from home and create a stronger bond with my family has been truly uplifting.

What is a hidden gem in your hometown?

Being that I haven’t lived in my hometown for over 20 years, I can only draw on my memory. Because I love fishing, my best friend and I would drive to a local pond almost everyday to go fishing across from the local mall. Although this pond wasn’t hidden by any stretch of the imagination, we never encountered other people there fishing.

If you dined with anyone, who would it be?

I think that if I had my choice it would have to be my grandfather William, or to me, Pop. My grandfather was instrumental in my upbringing. I absolutely loved spending time with him when I was a child, he used to take me everywhere with him when I was a kid. When I got older, he would take me to the local Civil War Battlefield and old Civil War shops in town and teach me history about the war. Later on, after I joined the Marines, whenever I walked into his home, he always made a point to stand up and give me a hug.

Which is your favorite movie(s)?

I have two favorite movies and they couldn’t be any more different from each other. The first movie is called Draft Day. It’s about an NFL General Manager for the Cleveland Browns and all the things he has to deal with from an overbearing owner, the realities of finding out his girlfriend is pregnant, and the media whose calling for him to be fired after firing his father, all on Draft Day. The second movie is called The Proposal. This is a romantic comedy that places an editors assistant in a precarious position after she finds out she is being deported. She discloses to her company that she and her assistant are engaged to be married unbeknownst to the assistant, all just so she can stay in the US.

Which book is on your nightstand?

I actually have two. The first is called Inner Excellence by Jim Murphy. This teaches readers how to develop mental toughness, train your subconscious mind, overcome mental blocks, and develop empowering habits. The second is End of Days by Brad Taylor. This book is a series of books that chronicles events in the life of the character Pike Logan. In this book Pike must stop a killer who wants to start another world war by assassinating influential people causing tensions among the world’s super powers.

What is your hometown?

I grew up in a small town in Virginia about 45 minutes southwest of Washington D.C. called Manassas. Although I haven’t lived there since I joined the Marines, I enjoy going back from time to time to visit with family and friends. The city has really changed dramatically over the years and whenever I do go back, I usually end up asking for directions to get to some places because it has changed so much.

What is your favorite winter activity?

By far, my most favorite activity in the winter is ice fishing. Growing up in Virginia, I never experienced frozen over lakes. However, here in Wisconsin, it’s a guarantee. I love getting out there and setting up my pop up shanty and firing up the heater and spending a few hours catching fishing on top of a sheet of ice.

What brought you to TMC?

After seeing a LinkedIn post by an employee, I reached out and discussed the opportunity, benefits and all the great things TMC accomplishes to improve communities across the nation. I was looking for more fulfilling work and to get back into a space where I could connect with other veterans. I was very excited to reclaim the missing purpose I once had while in the Marines.