Manager, Talent Acquisition & Onboarding

St. Louis, MO

Most rewarding thing about working here.

It’s been the journey… it’s been my teammates… the friendships… the pathways that have been paved for me…the roads that are continuing to open up! The Mission Continues has been my home since college – and I feel so lucky to be able to even say that.

Job prior to The Mission Continues

Prior to joining The Mission Continues, I served as an Intern at Ronald McDonald House in Downtown St. Louis, MO.

What is a hidden gem in your hometown?

Olive + Oak and Side Project Brewing. While they might not be “hidden” — they’re my Saturday afternoon & evening happy places.

If you dined w/anyone, who would it be?

That’s easy! I would love the chance to sit down and eat a meal, prepared by contestants from Bravo’s Top Chef, AND dine with Padma Lakshmi & Tom Colicchio.

Which is your favorite movie(s)?

Recent favorite has been Eurovision on Netflix. Prior to that, I love anything related to the Hunger Games and big fan of Trolls!

Which is a song(s) that describes you?

“Don’t Slack” by Anderson .Paak and Justin Timberlake

Which book is on your nightstand?

What To Expect: The First Year

What was your first concert?

Third Eyed Blind with my Mom. She’s awesome!

What is your hometown?

St. Louis, Missouri!

What is your favorite winter activity?


What is your favorite food(s) or meal?

I’m not a picky eater in the slightest! I love everything aside from beets. That’s why Dwight Schrute & I couldn’t be friends.

What is one item on your bucket list?

I’ve honestly never been a bucket list person. I will say though that many of my dreams (thankfully) have come true 🙂

What brought you to TMC?