Senior Manager, Learning & Development

St. Louis, MO

Most rewarding thing about working here.

There’s so many rewarding things about working at The Mission Continues. I would say the opportunity to come together in service with diverse veterans and community members from across the country, all of whom are working toward a common goal to make our communities stronger, is what makes this work so rewarding.

Job prior to The Mission Continues

I joined The Mission Continues as an AmeriCorps VISTA right after college, and have been working here ever since. In college, I did work as a server at a sushi bar called Sake.

Which is your favorite movie(s)?

I’m a big rom com fan. It’s Complicated is currently at the top of my list

Which is a song(s) that describes you?

Happy by Pharrell Williams

Which book is on your nightstand?

Girrafes Can’t Dance…thanks to my toddler and infant

What was your first concert?

Hootie and the Blowfish when I was 5…my uncle is close friends with the drummer

What is your hometown?

St. Louis, MO

What is your favorite winter activity?

Skiing in Colorado, spent my honeymoon in Breckenridge

What is one item on your bucket list?

Rent an RV and tour the National Parks

What brought you to TMC?